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Types of Digital Marketing: 7 New eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business (2024)

New eCommerce Marketing Strategies

eCommerce businesses are becoming more and more popular today. Small and established firms are shifting towards eCommerce settings to reach out to global audiences and increase their revenue.

Digital marketing is a type of marketing practice involving social media promotions, email marketing, referrals, etc. It is a vast approach that allows businesses to tailor their marketing methods in the most suitable way to connect with their audiences. However, to be successful in this environment, companies do have to rely on digital marketing to promote their products and services, which will convince potential customers to engage with the brand.

But, it is also necessary for brands to be strategic with how they implement different marketing operations to bring in the best results. Hence, here’s a look at a few efficient eCommerce strategies businesses should consider.

7 Digital Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

1. Establish FOMO Through Social Media

Now that we’ve spoken about what is digital marketing, let’s explore the different digital channels to leverage your brand and build its online presence. Social media is an efficient tool for businesses to promote their products and services. By instilling FOMO (fear of missing out) in their customers, they can drive higher traffic toward their eCommerce platforms. Making posts that talk about how many people bought a particular product or how many people availed of a discount is an excellent way to catch the audience’s attention and encourage them not to miss out on exciting offers.

2. Segment Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient technique allowing businesses to connect with their customers. Segmentation refers to dividing your target audience into smaller groups based on location, age groups, workforce, spending habits, etc. Segmenting promotional emails will ensure that the most suitable group is targeted, which can increase a brand’s reach and attract more customers to the eCommerce business.

3. Make Use of Google Ads

Google ads are an efficient way to promote your business and eCommerce site globally. It gives you higher opportunities for brands to establish their eCommerce platform and attract new customers. You can tailor your campaigns to fall under Google’s popular product categories for a search query.

4. Choose Influencers Based on Their Reach

Not all influencers with thousands of followers will strongly influence the customer groups you want to target. If you’re choosing to go down the influencer marketing route for your eCommerce platform, choose a person who knows how to market products and who is known to deliver positive results for promotional campaigns.

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5. Run Targeted and Personalized Discount Campaigns

Use personalized emails and ads with exciting discount offers to target your audience groups. Ads and campaigns with a personal touch resonate more with consumers, and they will be more likely to engage with eCommerce platforms.

6. Make Use of Referrals

Referrals are an excellent way to invite new customers to your brand and reward existing loyal customers. Referrals work on rewarding a consumer, such as a discount code, when they get another person to shop on the brand’s eCommerce store.

7. Make Use of Content Marketing

Use blogs, newsletters, and other forms of content that will allow you to engage a customer’s interest and encourage them to use the eCommerce platform. It is an efficient way to keep customers informed about the business, and the details will help make the brand more trustworthy for all customers.


eCommerce sites are an excellent way to establish a direct connection between a business and its consumers. Using digital marketing practices will allow brands to conveniently promote their products and services and invite more audience groups to engage with them. Higher engagement means the business will have more opportunities to grow and establish itself in the competitive market. Hence, when taking up digital marketing practices, brands must be strategic about their approach and take the necessary steps to make their marketing operations as efficient as possible.

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