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New Trends in the Design of Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen Equipments

The kitchen is that the area where food is ready with the aim of supplying and providing food service to large groups of people, like employee canteens, schools, banquets, hotels, etc.

Industrial kitchen equipment: what do you need to start?

When starting the great adventure of setting up or starting a restaurant, there are many doubts. Of course, the industrial kitchen equipment that is needed is vast, the elements are diverse so that it is complete to start.

Industrial kitchens must have differentiated spaces to prepare food, store it and refrigerate it, as well as a cleaning area. Although space is limited, hygiene and order are essential, what better way to start than to bear in mind that these two factors are essential.


Another essential part of your industrial kitchen equipment is the ovens, made of a special material that gives resistance to hard work. As it is one of the most widely used equipment in the kitchen, it cannot be missing from day one in your premises.

To begin with, when choosing the furniture that is part of the industrial kitchen equipment, it should be thought as something necessary, not buying just enough or too little. The industrial kitchen equipment must be the one necessary to meet the needs of your business.

An industrial kitchen design starts from once you have an image in your head of how you wish it; the idea, after being exposed to a specialized company to bring your project to reality with great success, such as Gastronomic Solutions, must be reflected in plans made by professionals specialized within the manufacturing field, like architects and engineers, those that won’t only perform and project your idea on paper, are those that will take control of the civil, electrical, plumbing, ventilation and vapor extraction installations of your design.

The design of commercial kitchens it shouldn’t only be functional, but practical and modern. Details must be taken under consideration which will make the large difference between planning and improvising. Prime Hospitality Equipments and services is the best Commercial Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Bangalore.


We’ll make several plans: one where you specify the electrical installations, taking under consideration the voltage which will be used for electrical items like blenders, mixers, ovens, refrigerators, etc. and plan the lighting that generally for this sort of requirement are going to be 220v that features a capacity of 30 amps according to industrial standards

Another plan is that of hydrosanitary facilities, plan where there’ll be drains, water supply taps, and therefore the essential grease traps so as to not contaminate, regulated and required by the Department of Health. There are the civil plans that need to do with the structure of the space for the situation of the kitchen.

Plan the place for the refrigeration and freezing of food faraway from all sources of heat like stoves and electric pots. A special place for preparing food, chopping, cutting, etc. Where the preparation tables and refrigeration tables are going to be placed.

The practical installations are going to be responsible of specialized and authorized technicians to ensure the optimal performance of the equipment also because the care of your investment.



Hand in hand with the functionality that we’ve talked about previously, comes minimalism. The trend towards simplification and clear and concise design is that the maximum in industrial kitchens this year. These designs are committed to the most important possible free space, providing freedom of movement and maneuverability. Additionally , such a functional design allows you to possess the tools at hand. Compared to other designs where decoration and ornaments are more important, this route is more useful.

USE OF stainless steel

This material, quite a trend, is essential in industrial kitchens. Its robustness and endurance make it ideal against the inclemencies of an industrial kitchen. It supports heat, stains, and generally the hard working days of the hospitality industry.

Its resistant nature makes it practically resistant to hot utensils, allowing pots and saucepans removed from the stove to be placed.

Stainless steel combats the formation of microbes and therefore the accumulation of organic residues. Additionally, it greatly facilitates the cleaning of our industrial kitchen because of its flat, non-porous surfaces that are immune to relatively aggressive cleaning chemicals.


The use of open shelves of all types may be a trend. Although it’s true that the utensils remain within the air, lacking protection against dust and other residues, this arrangement facilitates their prompt use. In few places the possibility of streamlining work processes is as appreciated as within the industrial kitchen. additionally, they’re very economical compared to other similar furniture within the sector.

Its main disadvantage is undoubtedly the visual aspect. It requires a scrupulous order that avoids a chaotic and unsightly feeling. This effect increases especially in kitchens exposed to diners.


It was a trend shortly ago and now it’s back stronger than ever. The union of rustic and vintage brings style and distinction to industrial kitchens for this year, respecting, of course, the minimalism we talked about earlier.

Designs filled with harmony during which elements like metal beams or iron decorations are often combined with other more rustic ones.


As usual, natural lighting goes hand in hand with Scandinavian decor. The likelihood of taking advantage of the best amount of sunlight isn’t only thanks to an aesthetic factor, but also a functional one.

As for artificial light, the trend is that the commitment to functionality. this may tend to cold bulbs, with clear and powerful lighting that stand call at small spaces.


The most common colors for this year are undoubtedly the foremost neutral tones like gray and white scales. They supply luminosity and facilitate the situation of stains for subsequent cleaning.

In industrial kitchens, it’s common to stay to the corporate colors of the company in question. However, the utilization of neutral colors allows the mixture of practically any corporate color without visual conflict.


The trends in industrial kitchens for 2020 are many and varied, so we fully understand the looks of doubts during this regard.

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