A Complete Detailed Article on Plasma Cutting

Do you manufacture finished parts or create artwork using metals? It can be aluminum, copper, brass, or even stainless steel. Cutting a thick sheet of metal into small sizes and curving them into the desired shapes isn’t easy. But with plasma cutting technology, everything has become possible and easy.

Plasma cutting is a process that uses a plasma torch to cut through the material. It is fast and efficient, and it is used in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods. If you’re in the market for a new plasma cutting machine, then you should check out CNC plasma cutters.

You can trust plasma cutting if you are looking for an effective way to cut both thin and thick metals alike. But you need to buy a plasma cutter. The plasma cutter machine gives the ability to look at any piece of metal and cut it to your liking in the safest manner possible.

Equipment you need to run plasma cutter

  • Air compressor
  • Moisture filter 
  • Wire wheel or grinder
  • Right power hooks up for your plasma cutter machine.

How plasma cutting works

In the plasma cutting process, an electrical channel of superheated and electronically ionized gas is created. That is achieved through a compressed gas blown via a focused nozzle at a very high speed towards the workpiece to be cut. Then, an electrical arc is formed within the gas either between an electrode near or into the gas nozzle and the metal piece itself. The electrical arc will then ionize part of the gas-forming an electrically conductive channel of plasma. The electricity that comes from the plasma cutter torch flows down the plasma delivering enough heat that melts through the workpiece. During that time, a lot of compressed gas and high-speed plasma blows the hot molten metal away, which separates the workpiece. 

You can rely on plasma cutting when cutting thin or thick metals. The plasma cutter hand torches can cut up to 30mm thickness of a metal sheet. With stronger computer-controlled torches, you can cut the metal thickness of up to 150mm.

Procedure to cut materials using plasma cutting technology

  • Ensure the air compressor is turned on to help with pressure build-up
  • Opening shop windows to help with air ventilation.
  • Ensure no fire hazards in the surrounding by doing a proper cleanup
  • Position your metal to be cut in a vice, sawhorse, or clamp it to a table
  • Make sure the cut metal won’t hit you and even the plasma cord as they dropdown.
  • Use a wire wheel to clean the area of the metal to be cut. You may also use a grinder to bear the metal.
  • Don’t forget to draw a cut line using metal chalk. 
  • You should also hook the ground camp of your plasma cutter to the metal that should be stationary when the cut is done.
  • Wear the recommended safety equipment
  • Go on and plug in the plasma cutter and the air horse.
  • Check if your plasma cutter is getting enough air and power.
  • Position your body to the metal to be cut to ensure you’re far from the sparks. You should ensure you are having a clear view of the metal being cut and secure from pieces of metal that fall during the cutting process.
  • Make sure your plasma torch can move through the full range motion of the cut. That should happen without you repositioning the mid-cut
  • The plasma hood should be flipped down.
  • Prevent blowback by positioning the plasma torch slightly off the piece of metal to be cut
  • Switch on the button of your plasma cutter torch and then begin making a slow and smooth range of movement
  • Go on with the cut up to the time you will hear the metal being cut hit the floor.
  • Don’t pick your metal after cut until you are sure it has cooled.

Safety hazards you are supposed to keep in mind during plasma cutting.

  • The metal is extremely hot after the cut and should be handled with care or given time to cool.
  • During the plasma cutting process, pieces of metal will fall. They can injure your feet or legs when they are too heavy.
  • If flammable liquids are stored around where you are using a plasma cutter, they can cause a fire which dangerous. So, ensure you clean the cutting area and have a fire extinguisher.
  • Plasma cutting may damage your eyes. That’s why you are supposed to wear a plasma helmet for maximum protection.

Cost of plasma cutting machine

The plasma cutter machine varies. But some brands cost higher and come with excellent performance. Besides, they are durable and offers quality cut. While you can get a plasma cutter with as low as $300, some machines are expensive and can cost up to $2000. Go for the well-known brand names you will buy with confidence and last longer even with heavy usage.


Get a quality plasma cutter if you are someone dealing with metal fabrication. That way, you can save your precious time while opening new options in building anything related to metals. The plasma cutting technology provides an effective way of cutting both thick and thin metal sheets most safely. Besides, you can get a plasma cutter at a friendly cost.

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