June 18, 2024
Delhi High Court

Police Not to Take Intimidating Steps Against Ford India Directors- Delhi Court Guides

Recently, Ford India and its President & Managing Director Anurag Mehrotra as well as US National and Director David Allan Schock are provided great relief from Delhi Court.

At the time of granting relief, the Court said that any kind of forced steps should not be taken against the Ford India Directors related to an illegal compliant matter that claims dishonesty as well as illicit breach of belief examined by the Economic Offences of Delhi police.

Not only this but Sessions Judge Rakesh Kumar of Rohini Court also said that “Seeing the facts and conditions, I am of the considered opinion that since both the defendant persons are Director and Managing Director of the Ford India that is known to have a huge business in India due to which there is no chance of escaping from the enquiry or jurisdiction of this Court”.

Keeping in mind the undertaking offered by the accused person to join the enquiry either physically or by video call, concurrently, no refuting that investigations are at the primary phase and contempt service of three notice under Section 41 A Cr.

PC and Notice u/s91 Cr.PC, the applicant, or the defendant has not merged or produced the document. Thus, in the interest of juice, no intimidating steps should be taken against the aforementioned applicated or accused person until and unless the next date of hearing takes place which is 17th, March, the court order stated.

Before the Court of the Supplementary Sessions Judge, the defendant person had filed preventive bail applications. Rohit Kochhar who is an Advocate by profession appeared for David Allan Schockm while for Anurag Mehrotra, Advocate Vijay Agarwal appeared.

Advocate Rohit Kochhar also claims that the FIR was a litany of dishonesties, creation as well as treachery and had been composed even by the complainant with the impish as well as the illegal objective of escaping his own monetary obligations towards Ford India.

Not only this, but Advocate Kochhar has also given that the argument between the parties was completely civil in nature, and the entire FIR even when read as a whole did not reveal any kind of wrongdoing on the behalf of his client.

Before the court, advocate vijay aggarwal even claimed that there was a great delay of more than 18 months part of the complainant in the record of the FIR.

He even submitted that the wrongdoings mentioned in the FIR were punishable with less than seven years imprisonment. Due to this reason, it is essential for Delhi Police to strictly follow the ethics laid down by the Supreme Court.

The complainant Libra Cars who is the Ford seller for the GT Karnal Road, New Delhi area had even filed an illicit grievance with the EOW in contradiction of Ford India as well as its senior management that claims cheating and criminal breach of trust on the ground the Ford India had dishonored the terms of the contract between the parties by employing another dealer within the distance of 10km from the complainant’s showroom.

Even the criminal grievance determined in the registration of an FIR in contradiction of the Managing Director and the US-based Director of Ford India.

Ford Motor Co, is a Fortune Global 500 Corporation and is considered as one of the biggest automobile manufacturing companies across the globe with a yearly income of almost Rs. 12 lakh crores and with 200,000 employees spread in 200 nations.

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