Top 5 Popular Android Keyboard Apps

you use a keyboard all day so ensure you use the best one”. Before touchscreen got popular, we depended on either QWERTY keyboard with little keys. With touchscreen-based smartphones, programming-based keyboards have made tremendous progress. We currently have the freedom to change the design of our keyboard as per our need. While iOS got the Element too, it’s still more popular on the Android side.

With that in mind, here are top-tier outsider keyboards to try on your Android smartphone: Finding the best Android keyboard apps is one of the most important decisions . Adding to the standard keyboard is one of the things that makes Android so extraordinary. With a few simple steps, you can completely change the appearance of the keyboard. Many keyboard apps are available in the Play Store. You don’t need to stay with the keyboard that came pre-introduced

Here are the absolute best Android keyboard apps that you can download:-

These are our top 5 popular Android keyboard apps

We keep listing it, but the great thing about the Play Store and Android by and large is that you’re not sure about using just a single app. While Gboard is great, it may not be for everyone. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Android keyboard apps that you should check out.

Google Gboard

Play Store Rating: 4.5

Google has an authority app for everything, so it’s not unexpected that they have a keyboard app. Google’s Gboard is one of the most popular keyboard apps in India right now. Gboard is straightforward and fast. It doesn’t have a lot of features like some other keyboard apps, but that’s what individuals like about it. In addition to Google’s intensity for predictive content, you get themes and customization options.

It looks like an extraordinary keyboard with great suggestions, but it also has tons of features. These features include voice output, interpretation, and Google’s snappy web appearance. The keyboard also offers a quick emoticon search, the ability to turn dialects on the fly, and much more. The app is available free of charge in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Microsoft Swiftkey

Play Store Rating: 4.3

The SwiftKey keyboard was another popular keyboard app created by TouchType. The application was later obtained from Microsoft. In addition to being one of the most popular keyboard apps, Swiftkey is probably one of the most popular Android apps by and large.

It’s always been around and it just keeps getting better. Swiftkey has incredible predictions and auto-fixes, tons of browsing topics, customization alternatives, account syncing, and much more. Now the app offers a variety of stimulating functions. The only thing that makes this keyboard special is its enormous library of themes. It even allows customers to create custom themes with basic images of their decision.


Play Store Rating: 4.3

Fleksy claims to be the “most fast keyboard in the world”. While we cannot verify or refute this guarantee, it is a functional keyboard. Fleksy has heavenly auto rights, signals and a lot of helpful enhancements. This is one of those keyboard apps that has pretty much everything.

While most keyboards currently retain the swipe motion highlight, Fleksy brings the experience of composing the signal basis to a very special level. Aside from allowing customers to swipe to type, the app also supports signals for searching words, deleting and switching suggested words.

Bobble Keyboard

Play Store Rating: 4.6

Bobble Keyboard is made here in India by engineers Ankit Prasad and Mohd. Water. The application is exempt from all in-app purchases and has many features. The app also supports a wide variety of emoticons, pictures, and stickers. The component that separates them enables customers to “bob” an animation with their selfie.

The brand new Bobble Computerized Intelligence Keyboard can help make your discussion engaging and entertaining. The Bobble keyboard is not accessible to anything without redesigns or in-app purchases.

There will never be an exhausting visit with Bobble Stickers Keyboard. Bobble’s Sticker Keyboard makes an amazingly customized animation bobble head with your selfie and lets you share stickers and gifs with your bobble head. You can also use the Bobble keyboard to send large emoticons on WhatsApp.

Grammar Keyboard

Play Store Rating: 4.2

It makes no difference whether you are an English teacher, essayist, or someone who composes sporadically. Grammar keyboard can come in handy for everyone. The keyboard monitors what you are composing as you compose to ensure that your sentence structure and spelling are correct. An ongoing update also brought with it swipe composing, an element that can now be accessed on pretty much any other popular keyboard.

This keyboard also contains predictive suggestions. However, you need to let grammar figure out how to type first. Remedies aside, it may be best that you have a clear explanation of why your syntax or specification is incorrect. So, you won’t just resemble an idiot, you’ll get some pointers for future compositional needs.

Grammar is a popular tool that individuals use as an extension of the Google Chrome program. The apparatus essentially triggers clients to locate syntactic errors regardless of where they type within the program. The organization has now shipped its own keyboard for Android, which has much of a similar usefulness to the keyboard itself.

So much discussion about the keyboard and I need to specify the current keyboard I used to compose in Marathi. I am so terrible at composing marathi. Anyway, talking to family is just much better when you do it in the language you grew up with. That

Marathi Keyboard is really very useful. Unless you’re looking for a decent keyboard to help you compose marathi, this is one of the things you should definitely check out.

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