June 17, 2024
Vegan Hair Products

5 Reasons to Choose Vegan Hair Products

When someone utters the word ‘vegan’ you instantly relate it to something good and pure. The same goes for vegan hair products and the quality it offers. There are different hair product types in the market, and vegan hair products are also one of them. You may ask, why vegan hair products? Answer to that question is answered below in detail.

We hope this article convinces you to switch to a week in products which are not only good for the environment but they are also excellent for you and your hair

To begin with, it is important to understand what exactly makes hair products vegan hair products. Vegan hair products contain no animal derived ingredients and in most cases vegan brands are also brands that follow notions of ‘cruelty free’. ‘Cruelty Free’ basically means that it does not carry out trials on animals nor the products are tested on any animal at any point of the product’s creation. Vegan hair products are packed with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. These ingredients are usually plant-based and do not contain any kind of harsh chemicals that might irritate your hair or skin.

Cruelty Free

The first and the foremost reason to choose vegan hair products is that they are cruelty free. When a product is vegan it automatically is cruelty free as well. When a brand does not use animal derived ingredients, it automatically also does not support animal testing. However, you must always check the packaging because at times certain brands only claim it to be vegan and not cruelty free and vice versa.

Most brands use animal derived ingredients like lanolin, beeswax, and keratin which are not the best options because many animals are harmed in the process of acquiring these ingredients. Whereas, when you choose a vegan hair product, all these ingredients are replaced with plant-based ingredients like cocoa butter, plant-based keratin, etc. These ingredients aren’t just good for your hair but they also save a lot of animals.

Good for your hair

Next time when you buy a vegan shampoo or a hair care combo, make sure you look at the ingredient list and compare it to a mainstream brand. You will be surprised that the ingredient list differs so much from each other and your vegan product is full of natural ingredients. Regular shampoos are full of synthetic chemicals and ingredients that are not suitable for your hair or your skin. Using these products on a regular basis will gradually damage your skin and hair. For example, sulphate is a common ingredient in regular hair care products which can cause serious irritation to the skin, eyes and lungs for a few people. If you haven’t faced any such problem then be sure that a sulphate infused shampoo will gradually dry your hair over time. Whereas, vegan shampoos are free from sulphates, parabens, and silicons which make it a safe choice.

Most vegan shampoos are often made using natural and plant-based ingredients. The most common plant-based ingredients are argan oil, coconut butter, aloe vera, shea butter. All these ingredients help in moisturising your hair and they are full of minerals and vitamins that help in making your hair healthy, soft, and bouncy.

Environment Friendly

Vegan hair products are infused with more natural ingredients, which are environmentally friendly compared to their synthetic alternatives. Vegan hair products also come in recycled packaging in most cases and that means that the product is good for you and the packaging is safe for the environment. Using vegan hair products also means that you will be getting healthy hair without harming any animals.

No artificial perfumes

Not only in quality, but all vegan hair product types smell much better than regular hair care products. This is not the most important point but it’s still a good point to mention. Vegan hair products smell amazing because they are packed with natural plant-based ingredients, fruit extracts, and natural oils. All these ingredients make vegan hair products smell fresh and amazing every time


Lastly, it is a great feeling to know that you are buying something that is vegan and it is going to be amazing with all its benefits. You will also be aware that it won’t be harming the environment nor is it going to cause any harm to the animals. You can freely enjoy your plant-based vegan shampoo with a clear conscience.

Apart from all these amazing benefits of using vegan hair products, there are also vegan hair colours online which are not only great for your hair but it is also perfect for you if you are looking for a hair colour that also takes care of your hair. So, if you wish to change your hair care products then vegan options are the best because every product is available in the vegan hair care range.

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