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Reasons Why You Need to Focus on Long-Tail SEO Keywords


When you launch a new website, your Goal is to rank it on page 1 of search engines. Being on the first page of Google brings traffic, potential buyers and profits. But achieving this goal is not a simple thing. You need an SEO strategy to build your relevant group of audience.

In simple terms, SEO means ‘Implementing a variety of methods to improve your website ranking on SERP’. The website needs optimization according to the latest search engine standards for ranking on Page 1.

In Best SEO services, keywords are crucial and that should be included in your website content in words and phrases. When a user makes a search query, if the keywords from your site are matching with the user’s query, your website will be in top SERPs.

Now, we need to also understand why long-tail keywords are essential for SEO.

Let’s take an example, if your website is about cooking recipes, you have written content on ‘Butter Chicken recipe. Now when you are searching keywords, it would be like this, ‘cooking butter chicken’, ‘tasty Chicken recipe’ etc. these are short-tail keywords. But if you put a keyword ‘how to cook butter chicken at home’ this is an example of long-tail keywords.

Why LSI keywords are essential?


Bringing a lot of traffic on your site with the help of a Los Angeles SEO Expert is essential, but generic traffic does not help you in conversions. Short tail keywords do not contribute to bringing massive organic traffic. The reason is, they are already mentioned on other websites, but longtail keywords can bring targeted traffic.

Conversion Rate

If you’re selling a product service or product, targeted traffic is necessary for every business owner. You have a lot of visitors, but if there is no conversion, it’s no use. Longtail keywords bring targeted traffic, increasing the CTR on your website. The higher CTR means more profits.

Focus on Niche

There is a term called ‘domain authority’ which is vital for search engines. When your site starts getting traffic, search engines begin to recognize your website for specific content. It helps to build DA on a website. Now LSI keywords focus on a specific niche. From the above example, it is cleared that every longtail keywords would include ‘’how to’’. This overall strategy helps in increasing DA over time.

If you want any professional help to make your website optimized according to Google algorithms get in touch with Exaalgia which is known as Best SEO Company Phoenix, Arizona. Exaalgia has been also awarded as a top SEO company by and Good firms. Give us a call or email to get a free quote on our local, national and e-commerce SEO services.

At Exaalgia, we look for ways to make sure your website pages are ‘sticky’. Improving page stickiness means using e-commerce best practices for good user experience to evaluate the entire website identify opportunities to keep shoppers on the site for a longer time and then implement changes while making improvements based on collected data.

Although, there are other SEO services Phoenix practices including a look at the analytics, get savvy with image search, clean up on-site technical errors and write better copy.

According to Top SEO Firms, it’s good to update content on your site. In fact, Google crawls fresh, updated content first.  However, constantly changing the content and the look of your site for SEO purposes you will go unnoticed by your website visitors or Google. Making too many changes will raise red flags for Google which will likely see your webpage as suspicious and likely penalize your site.

No matter what purpose your website serves, the use of HD images is equally important. If consumers can purchase online, how likely do you think they are here to buy something that is displayed by a pixilated image or an image that cannot be zoomed in? It is surely going to deter some shoppers away. So make sure to use images that reflect the standard of products you sell and show the item from a variety of angles.

There are a lot more things into creating a good user experience for consumers, but the root of a successful web presence comes down to understanding your targeted group of people. The Best Website Design Company in USA even can’t design a site if they don’t know whom you’re trying to reach with your site.


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