Scientists Say That Ancient Earth Was Completely Covered with Water

Recently, research has been published in the Nature Geoscience journal and this research, scientists have given stunning views about the earth. They have done their study on the ancient sample of seafloor. They have found this ancient sample of the seafloor in Australia. The chemical clues on this seafloor suggest that Earth was a completely blue planet. Based on this evidence, they have suggested that 1.5 billion years ago, there were no continents and this planet (Earth) was covered by a vast ocean. According to them, these continents appeared later on the earth. These continents continue to appear on the Earth due to the enormous thrust of the plate tectonics.

In their reports, they have also written that the upward rocky landmasses in the blue sea water had breached the sea surfaces. The scientists have found these essential clues about the earth from the ancient seafloor and this ancient seafloor is located in the northwestern areas of Australia. According to a research by a PhD dissertation writing service, the existence of our planet was started at about 4.5 billion years ago. It was due to the high-speed collision of the dust and space rocks. As a result of budding, the molten sphere of magma was also created. This molten sphere of magma was hundreds of miles deep in the blue sea. Here, our earth was cooling as well as it was spinning. After millions of years ago, this cooling magma formed the first crystal in the crust of the Earth.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility that ice-rich comets carried the first water of earth from the outside of our solar system. There is also a possibility that it was carried by the clouds of dust particles. These clouds of the dust particles had given birth to the sun and all of its orbiting planets. All of these things were happening during the formation of the earth. Benjamin Johnson (Assistant professor at the Lowa State University) had written that before the formation of the earth, it was a hot magma ocean and this hot magma ocean escaped all the water vapours and gasses in the atmosphere. When conditions were cooled in the atmosphere, these water vapours came back on the earth in the form of rain.

While doing research, Johnson said that they were not able to find the exact source of water at that time. Anyhow, it is sure that it was present around the magma source. Boswell Wing (Associate professor at the University of Colorado Boulder) has also predicted the same phenomenon. For this reason, he has also taken an overview of the rocky scenery of this unique landscape in Australia. According to him, the rocky scenery of this landscape is giving clues about the hydro system dating. Moreover, he has also predicted that this hydro system dating had taken place almost 3.3 billion years ago. Scientists have also found the relationship of different isotopes of Oxygen with the craggy seafloor. This relationship of the isotopes is giving a clue to the scientists that how entire ocean crust was changed.

While doing research, scientists have also used more than 100 sediment samples. Scientists have unveiled some unexpected things while talking analysis of these sediment samples. According to scientists, 3.2 billion years ago, oceans have more Oxygen-18 than Oxygen-16. After that, the continental landmasses had leached the Oxygen-18 from the oceans. It means that in the absence of the continental masses on the earth, the ratio of the oxygen masses on the ocean will be greater than the ratio of Oxygen-16. That’s why their study shows that this ratio of the Oxygen isotopes is suggesting that there were no landscape masses at that time.

The previous research of the scientists has unveiled that once, the earth was covered with ocean. Anyhow, there were lots of disagreements about this research. Now, this new research has unveiled new things for scientists. This thing is providing a clue to the scientists that how this crust was visible to the scientists above the sea level. Now, a question comes to the minds of the readers how life was started on this land. According to scientists, there were two origins of life on our earth. First is known as hydrothermal vents and the second is known as ponds on the land. Moreover, they have also written that if their work is accurate, it means that before 3.2 billion years ago, there were no signs of life on this earth. In other words, the existing environments of life on earth were absent.

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