June 18, 2024

Seek the Help of the Best Attestation Services

The government of Nigeria needs educational, personal, academic and professional certificates, granted from India to be attested by the Embassy consulate of India. The attestation is required by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Nigerian government before granting Nigeria Visa. For the same purpose you need to consult the Human Resource Department and MEA department for attestation.

Let’s learn about some basics of Nigeria Embassy Attestation:

  • The functions of the notary- A certificate needs to get attested for the formal Nigerian purpose. The notary will be done first. After receiving attestation from the notary the applicant can submit the certificates for the home department attestation. This will explain that the certificates are true to get attestation from the Department of Home affairs.
  • The functions of the home department- Firstly, the applicant needs to receive the attestation from the Home Department to submit the documents to MEA. The authentication process of a certificate is done by the Home department after verifying the content of the given certificate. The authentication process is a real and accurate representation of the legality of the given certificate, all the official formalities will stand as same for the Nigeria certificate for the attestation.
  • MEA attestation- MEA attestation comes under the external affairs ministry of the government of India. The ministry of external affairs will attest all the certificates granted in any state in India before the submission to the Nigerian embassy. The education department or the home department attestation should be done for the MEA. All the educational certificates are attested by the MEA along with non-educational and commercial certificates.
  • Nigerian embassy attestation- After receiving successful attestation from the MEA, the applicant can submit the certificates to the Nigerian embassy for the attestation purpose. The embassy attests all the educational and non-educational or commercial documents and the certificates are attested by the MEA.
  • The SDM attestation for the Nigeria- The SDM or Sub Divisional Magistrate has the office in Delhi. After receiving attestation from the sub divisional magistrate, you can submit the certificate to the MEA attestation embassy.

There are some agencies which provide services related to the certificate attestation from the foreign affair ministry of Nigeria that is Nigeria MOFA. There are some well-known providers of Certificate attestation in Delhi. These agencies have been providing the service of attestation from all embassies for more than 20 years. These companies are managed by some highly skilled team of professionals to give the client genuine, safe services. Along with these they also provide pickup and drop service.

Authentic agencies for you

These agencies are legally recognized by the IATA, MEA along with Embassies for the attestation or authentication and legalization of all types of documents like the education certificates, certificates of marriage, birth certificates, and so on.

These companies have their presence all over the nation and provide reliable services for the attestation of certificates to their clients. Delhi is the national capital of India and embassies of all the countries are located in Delhi. Before seeking the help of an embassy you should first check that the embassy isn’t a fake one. So, make sure you consult only the genuine and trusted service providers for attestation.

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