Everything You Should Know About the Process of Document Attestation

So you are planning to travel to Kuwait? We are sure that you would be enjoying your time there in the gulf. Whether you are willing to visit there in order to see some of the mindboggling skyscrapers or for business assignments, there are certain things you need to follow. First of all, you would require a valid visa to confirm your qualification for travelling to that country. However, you must ensure that all your documents are properly verified and attested. If you miss out on this important part, you might not be offered a visa at all. So how do you proceed? We will take you through the entire procedure, in this article.

Some Basic Facts You Must Know

As per the regulations made by the Government of Kuwait, anyone who visits the country from India would require all of his/her documents to be verified and attested. These documents include but not limited to your educational and personal certificates, such as your birth certificate and the proof of your highest qualification, and also professional documents. All of these documents should be issued in India, in order to prove your nationality. Once you organise all your documents at one place, you would now require getting those attested by verified professionals. Before you are granted a visa for Kuwait, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait shall verify all your credentials. There are numerous trusted organizations that provide services related to certificate attestation in Delhi. Another thing you should be aware of is the duration the entire verification process of attestation for Kuwait Embassy might take some extended timeframe. Therefore, you must start looking for a reliable service provider well ahead of time to avoid any potential late hour mishaps.

What Are The Functions Of The Notary In Getting Your Certificates Attested?

There are multiple levels of document attestation that you should be ready to undergo. First of all, the notary would take care of the same and get your documents attested in order to confirm that all your credentials are in perfect order. Now, once the notary verification is completed, you would require submitting all the documents in order to complete the process of attestation from the home department.

What Are The Functions Of The Home Department In Your Document Attestation Process?

In general, you would need to get your documents attested by the Home Department before submitting the documents to the MEA. In this process, the Home Department shall verify all the constituents of the certificate that was initially issued by the notary. Once all the procedure is completed and your documents are found to be valid, the Home Department shall declare the same to be authentic. Once the authentication process is completed, the certificate would be passed over to the External Affairs & Embassy for further attestation. Once that gets completed, additional attestations are required from the MEA before submitting the certificate and documents to the Kuwait Embassy for the final attestation process. As you can see for yourself, the process can be a lengthy as well as a hectic one. So, make sure you contact professionals who can look after the process on your behalf.

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