May 22, 2024

Enroll Yourself into a Short Career Training Program for Accelerated Career!

Short-term training programs cater to the needs of a different section who aspire to gain acceleration in careers soon after completing the academic journey. This makes them skip the office-to-office search of employment as they pay to focus on skill development through such courses to improve performance and define career growth.

One such course that youth in India have the freedom to choose is HCL First Careers. With a 360-degree structure, the job training program focuses on developing and empowering new college graduates who look for short-term job-oriented courses after graduation.

The program module vests in candidates and train them with the practical skills and knowledge needed for a professional kick-start. This short career training program for graduates trains candidates with practical skills; both, technical and soft skills. Experts guidance is given to develop and adapt to industry standards. The diverse training extends beyond theory to focus on the practical application of fundamentals, offering best-in-class, skill-based training programs for entry-level jobs at HCL.

Candidates who join the HCL First Careers program get the following benefits:

Now + Next Training:The program trains using cutting-edge technologies with practical on-demand skills alongside access to best-in-class training infrastructure and subject matter expertise.

Global Exposure:The trainees get to work on real-world problems and interact with global customers.

Communication & Leadership Skills:Trainees gain contemporary communication and presentation skills.

Accelerated Professional Growth:Candidates are eligible to extract benefits from diverse learning and development opportunities via course-specific certifications.

Job Assurance:The candidates start a global career with India’s one of the largest IT company with an excellent starting package.

The HCL First Careers program is more than training, and the benefits last with the candidates even in the later stages of a person’s career. The program aims to open viable opportunities for professional growth that otherwise would take months to achieve.

Fresher’s program

The First Careers program for Fresher Engineers is a launchpad for entry-level jobs in HCL. During the 6-month job-training, trainees undergo three months of Extensive Classroom Training offered virtually and three months of Professional Practice Term, where they work on live global projects in HCL. Under expert guidance, they learn to find solutions and adapt to organizational culture in the best possible way.

Graduate Program:

This program vests in graduates to prepare them for non-technical and related job roles for entry-level positions at HCL. The HCL First Career Graduate Program has numerous career tracks, and interested students can select any career option in line with their expectations and future growth plans. TheShort Career Training programs for graduatesidentify their potential and train them to succeed in employment and placement in the IT sector.

Trainees who complete the training program are placed in HCL in job roles across departments like Application Development, Testing, IT Maintenance and support, etc.

Besides adding skills, such as training, it boosts confidence and offers benefits to sustain fierce competition. If you still doubt the potential benefits such training programs offer, here’s another list to convince you:

Maintain professional form:Through investing time and interest in training, you get exposure to new and fresh ideas that keep you prepared to counter challenges in day-to-day operations.

Distinction and Eligibility over others:Companies look for candidates with distinction and quality to add value to their organizational motives. Training programs empower you to qualify for better jobs.

Increased Capability for Contribution:With advanced knowledge, you attain the capability to contribute more than your counterparts.

Professional approach for Client servicing:Professional courses teaches you communication in the best possible way to engage clients.

Early Career benefit:Such training programs keep you ahead of your peers and competition existing in the global market.

Job Roles:Training programs open paths for you to work in better job roles with prestigious organizations and areas like Application and Infrastructure support, testing, and CAD Support.

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