May 22, 2024
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Successful Companies Using React in Web App Development

Between the tug war website and application, the creators came up with a web app. A convenient, accessible, and functional option for the users. Web apps as the name suggest is the hybrid version of website and application that appear to be cost-effective for business,

Now to make web apps functional and efficient the open source society has got to work. In 2011 Jordan Walke created a prototype of React called “faxJS ” that was engineered on Facebook. First, it was deployed on facebook’s newsfeed and in 2012 it was on Instagram as well.

In 2015, React was made an open-source library for the community of developers. React may be simple and it has been amplifying the benefits for business at a good speed. React is often used for personal projects and experimentation.

Here are five major names from different industries that implemented React successfully into their code and enhanced the customer experience.

Successful Companies Using React in Web App Development


Airbnb is one of the garage businesses that turned into a huge success. Airbnb has implemented the React in its front end supporting the web page elements to quickly load on the screen. Thanks to React the content is updated organically and split into numerous blocks without any errors or delays. Airbnb engineer Leland Richardson decreased using React as one of the most portable technologies with refactorability.

The technology components are reusable and tend to make your code easy to refactor any time you want.


Uber ranks first in the ground transportation race with around 90 million visitors on the official website. Maintaining the reputation as the largest transportation it is mandatory for them to provide the highest quality user experience. For this, the uber developers are big fans of React.

Uber has been using React since the website was built and has created many open source libraries mainly including impressive map rendering tools. You can even use these libraries for your projects.

The uber developers created a base web on top of React. Base web is a design system that provides reusable components for creating agnostic user interfaces. The base web key is built on customization, reliability, and availability necessary for any web project.


Codecademy is one of the popular educational platforms for free and interactive sessions offering coding classes. Over 45 million future web developers and mobile app developers use the platform for professional enhancement.

Codecademy’s React web development team tested individual pieces of the UI in isolation with the interference of the entire app. The component-based test was able to improve their SEO by serving a mostly complete page.

The Codecademy team also added consecutive parts to the existing codebase as an experiment supported by React compatibility to the legacy code. Most of the experiments were successful and beneficial to the business.

Codecademy is one of the inspiring examples to experiment with React to see how it fits the code originally.


PayPal Ireland recently won an award for being one of the best employers. The employee’s satisfaction rate was off the roof. While keeping the employees happy,

When it comes to e-banking and online transactions PayPal is the pioneer of the industry. By the end of 2020, PayPal had 361 million active user accounts and 21 million merchant accounts.

Being such a growing company, the engineering team of PayPal ensures the use of the latest technologies to aid all customers. Speaking of the latest technologies in 2015 PayPal began to implement React in their ecosystem.

In an interview with the medium blog, the PayPal spokesperson shared that in the beginning the React technology was used in the app and was purely client-side driven. However, for one of the apps, the developers used React end to end. Since then React has been one of the most important components of the tech stack powering online payments.


Who hasn’t heard of Netflix and chill, one of the most popular entertainment streaming platforms?

Netflix also used React specifically for their platform gibbon that drastically replaced the DOM used in web browsers. Gibbon was created for low-cost TV devices. According to an official tech blog, the company shared that the React library has helped improve start-up speed. Modularity, performance, and other elements significantly improve the customer experience. Launch speed, modularity, and runtime performance were the primary elements influencing our decision of shifting to React, shared the engineer.

Netflix already has a UI design similar to TV and game consoles. Using a different UI technology stack helped them determine the new solutions and innovations.

The Future of React Development Technologies:

Developers are always looking for the resources to build their own apps. React.js or often referred to as React is a popular front-end framework created for multiple projects and has an increasing community. All the major industries implementing the React Js. have their valid reasons.

React. Js supported by a huge community of developers is continuously evolving. The open-source JavaScript library is reliable and up to the mark. It allows the developers to create large web applications with the space to change data without reloading the page and supports web design.

When provided with such convenience, who would want to use anything else? The primary purpose of React. Js is to be scalable, simple, and fast.

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