June 16, 2024
Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari: Security and Other Considerations

Are you thinking of traveling to Tanzania to explore its beaches, meet its people, go on a safari, or enjoy the charms of the mountain?

This country is a wonder of nature, but before embarking on a trip to an international destination, you must take into account various factors related to safety and we will talk about them in this post. Search here to know more Tanzania’s security and other considerations.

Traveling is a pleasure, but to fully enjoy it is important to plan and know the risks. Some countries have experienced convulsive situations in recent times, so it is important that you are well informed.

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We have prepared a free guide with some travel tips and with detailed information on the current situation of some countries such as Tanzania, Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zambia and many more

Security tips in Tanzania Safari

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prepared a document that offers useful advice for travelers. The recommendation has no binding effect but is a mere notice or advice so that the State is not responsible for the damages that may result from its failure to observe or ignorance.

In the document, the Ministry recalls that no region of the world is today safe from possible terrorist acts; that is why they recommend, before traveling, to include personal data in the travelers’ computer register that they make available to those who need it. In this way, they will provide the necessary care in an emergency situation.

Travel with caution:

The political situation in Tanzania Safari is quite stable, but there is widespread social unrest that can lead to riots. In addition, there is a potential terrorist threat throughout the East African region, which includes this country.

It is recommended to follow the instructions of the local authorities and consult the newspapers to know what is happening at all times. It is also advisable to bring the consular emergency telephone number of the Embassy and contact the officer on call immediately if a problem arises.

Wild Fauna

Keep in mind that on a safari trip, you can have close contact with wild animals. Animal attacks on humans are rare, but we cannot guarantee that they will not occur.

Keep in mind that many accommodations in Tanzania are not fenced and wildlife can circulate freely around these areas. Always follow the safety instructions of the accommodation regarding the transfer to and from your store to the general facilities and about the safari activities that will be proposed.

Take special caution when staying in a camp in the countryside. Under no circumstances leave your store without being accompanied.

If you travel with children, be sure not to let them run freely and keep them at all times under your sight.

There will be a safety briefing in most camps upon arrival, but do not hesitate to express your concerns to the camp staff or your guide when you need it

Do not feed the animals or get out of the car without permission

It must be clear that being in a natural park is not the same as being in a zoo. Let’s get rid of that confident idea that animals can be fed. And let’s also forget the illusion of getting out of the vehicle when we feel like it. It could be dangerous. It will only be possible to get out of the car to take pictures when our guide tells us, of which we should always follow the instructions.

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