June 18, 2024
Signing Contracts

4 Things to Know Before Signing Contracts

Contracts are no laughing matter. Nor are contracts considered a walk in the park. Contracts are meant to be written agreements that are binding. It can be spoken, but with the nuances of legalities nowadays, they are best put into writing. They are part of the scope of employment, finances, and even relationships should you be lucky enough to propose marriage.


Before you sign a contract, ensure that you pore over the details of your contract. Read your contract carefully, as it is written in legal language, and it can take a while before you understand anything. Since legalese can be a different plane of existence, you can ask and consult someone who is more familiar and experienced with legalese to help you understand the terms of your contract and if it is favorable to you.

Check Your Contact Details

A mistake that people who create contracts commit is getting contact details wrong in contracts. So, when you are presented with a contract, you have to ask yourself: Are your contact details correct? Did they spell my contact details correctly? You can save yourself from a bad contract and experience by immediately identifying any errors.

By listing the correct business name, you can ensure the contract is correctly signed and correctly executed. If the right party has not signed the presented contract, then the contract will not be of use to you down the road.

Delay Your Signature

Not signing the contract right away is not always a negative thing. It can be positive and good rather than negative because it means you are willing to delay things in the hope of making a smart decision. If you have a slight question regarding a term or a clause in the contract, it can be reason enough for you not to sign it immediately. If you already have a small confusion at the start of the process, it can be seen as a warning sign, even before the contract is signed.

The act of delaying your signature can be a strategic move. By delaying your signature, you are giving the other party the impression you are smart and serious about your transaction. You must fully understand the contract before signing. As a result, fully understanding the contract and its implications for all involved parties will help you negotiate and potentially lead you to get some extra benefits.

Consult A Lawyer

When you doubt the details of your contract, best consult a lawyer. A lawyer knows the complicated language of legalese and can help simplify to you what the implications of the contract are.

It can be challenging to recognize the risk associated with some clauses, especially if the contract was crafted to be unfamiliar to you. Show your consulted lawyer a sample contract agreement and explain what you are concerned about.

Together, you and your lawyer can review the contract. With a lawyer, you can play on the same playing field as the other party who offered you the contract, as a lawyer can help you grasp what is being offered to you through the contract.

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