May 26, 2024
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Things to Remember When Buying a Wedding Ring

In the words of Beyoncé … “if you like it should have put a ring on it”.

If you are planning to buy a wedding ring, you have already passed this phase. However, buying a wedding ring is as important as getting an engagement ring. It is also going to be memorable, so this task should be given considerable task. That ring will remind you about the ‘I do’ moment in the coming years.

Emily is a lifestyle writer who works with Fergus James, a celebrity ring designer in Dubai. Here’s what she recommends:

Determine Your Budget

You must have learned the lesson when purchasing the engagement ring that the cost is more than you estimated. It is better that you earmark a certain amount for the wedding ring or at least a certain amount. Keep in mind that sometimes your favorite ring might exceed slightly from your budget.

You should do the calculation beforehand regarding whether you can afford to go beyond the set amount or not. However, try not to make it the first debt of your married life. Go to multiple stores so that you have variety in options.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Decide beforehand whether you want diamonds, platinum, gold, or gemstones. Take into account whether you want embellishments on the band or simple band would do. Also, think if you want the same metal as the engagement ring, given that both rings might be next to one another.

Many people want their ring to match with their partner’s. If you are one of these people, you should consult your partner on this. Once you zero in on what you want, start visiting the stores.

Your Partner’s Preferences

You should consult your partner before making a purchase. If you are planning to match your wedding rings, asking for your significant other’s preferences is even more important. Remember that diamond is not every woman’s friend. She might want a white gold vintage art deco ring. The same goes for the men. The ring should match with the individual taste of your partner.

Try to Purchase Ring and Band Together

Be mindful of what band will go with the engagement ring. If you have a fancy, unique engagement ring, a simple and elegant wedding ring will do. Precisely, ensure that your wedding ring sits comfortably with the engagement ring. Mixing and matching the ring and band is also a good idea.

If you plan to wear your wedding ring alone, go for a more intricate, delicate style that is noticeable alone as well. Ask your jeweler for the band that looks good with your ring.

Decide the Shape Beforehand

You should think about the shape of your ring before going shopping. It will help you narrow down your choice and make the ring hunt easier. Every ring shape or cut has a different price. The price also differs per carat.

Round cuts are relatively more expensive while marquise and pear are priced less. If you want the ring to be bigger sized, you can go for more carats at a better price. In this case, go for something other than the classic round cut. Before heading off to a jewelry shop, do research on the ring curs and pick one or two as a favorite.

Order Ahead

Once you find a suitable ring, there is no point waiting up. Order as soon as you finalize a ring, as the jeweler will require some time to design and prepare the ring. Also, rings are made only after you place an order and it can take some time.

Give your jeweler enough time so that you can get the best results. Ideally, the order should be at least six weeks in advance. Also, consult with the jeweler about the time required for designing the ring. Do not rush it.

Do not Mistake Warranty for Insurance

Some people mistake warranties for jewelry insurance. Understand the difference between a warranty and insurance. The warranty covers the maintenance plant, protects against the manufacturing defects as well as the wear and tear of the ring. In short, it is to ensure that your ring always looks new. As for jewelry insurance, it protects against theft or loss.

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