June 18, 2024

Top 5 Essential Gym Equipment for Beginners

Exercise acts as an important factor for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise plays an essential role in our life by making our body healthy and fit. We are living in a generation where personal care becomes an important task. For a healthy body, exercise is a must thing.

Let’s discuss the top 5 gym equipment for beginners that will eventually help you to gain a healthy body-

  • Dumbbell– when you are a fresher, then dumbbells are the basic yet important fitness equipment. Being honest, dumbbells can not be properly claimed as the gym machine but they are the most essential one.

Benefits of dumbbell-

According to most of the people, the main motive of dumbbells is to bicep curls but the fact is dumbbells are a good source to strengthen your full body. From the sales to your traps dumbbells are always the best choice.

Exercises that can be performed with a dumbbell are-

    • Can strengthen your triceps
    • Can help to shape your shoulder
    • Train your legs by doing squats.
  • Treadmill– if you are working out with the aim of building muscles then cardio is the basic thing to perform. Doig cardio is always an amazing idea as it levels up your heart rate and makes your body ready for some heavy lifting. And, when we talk about cardio, a treadmill is always the best equipment for it.

Benefits of treadmill-

Running on a treadmill for good 5-10 minutes is always an amazing way to warm up and to cool down your body after a heavy workout. It will make your heart ready and thus you won’t feel exhausted while or after the workout.

Exercises that can be performed with treadmill are-

    • Pre and post-workout equipment that prepares your heart for a heavy workout.
    • Best for the cardio only sessions.
  • Cable machine– if you are a beginner or planning for a home gym, then without a doubt cable machine should be in your must-buy fitness equipment. It allows you a full-body workout.

Benefits of cable machines-

Being a single equipment, cable machine can help you with a complete body workout. Able machines are good to work for your biceps, triceps, delts, pecs, abs, pull-ups. It is the best single-handed machine that promises you a complete healthy workout.

Exercises that can be performed with cable machines are-

    • Cable curls for biceps
    • Triceps pushdown for the healthy triceps
    • Straight arm pulldowns for the shoulders benefit
    • Cable kickbacks for glutes.
  • Smith machine– smith machines are a good option for the exercises like bench presses and squats. The machines ask for fewer efforts with the promise of giving the best outcomes.

Benefits of smith machine-

Smith machines prepare your body for the heavyweight exercises like bench presses and squats. It requires less power and thus allows you to lift heavyweights.

Exercises that can be performed with smith machines-

    • Bench presses
    • Squats
    • Calf raises
    • Decline bench presses.
  • Leg/calf press- ignoring leg day is the worst decision that one can take in the gym. Your legs have some really big muscles that need to be trained well. Thus, leg.calf press is last but yet the most essential equipment that one should have in their gym.

Benefits of leg/calf press-

The equipment is best for working on your quads i.e. thighs and your glutes i.e. bum muscles.

Exercises that can be performed with leg/calf press-

    • Leg presses
    • Calf presses

From the above discussion we can claim that for a complete gym set up in India, this equipment will surely work as a wonder. Buy these machines now and give your body a healthy treatment.

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