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Several companies in India provide furniture leasing services. Which company is the most successful?

Furniture is required in every home. It provides both comfort and style while also providing storage space. However, buying new furniture may be expensive. Renting is involved here. Rent-to-own programmes are used by certain firms to provide new furniture at a low cost. Finding the appropriate business, on the other hand, is challenging. Here are some important aspects to consider while searching for furniture rental in India.

Renting furniture can help you save money. When you buy new furniture, you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean or in excellent condition. There will be no one-time payments or long-term commitments for a set fee. The charge is instead determined by the number of days the furniture will be utilized. Rentmacha is the top furniture rental companies in India.

1. Rentmacha

Rentmacha is a furniture renting company. Rentmacha is one of the country’s largest furniture rental company. In India, Rentmacha is doing well. Rentmacha provides furniture for a wide range of occasions, including gatherings, weddings, and parties. RentMacha can provide you with the most fashionable appliances and furniture. We are a community of problem solvers who have come together to handle a recurring problem in your life.

Why Rentmacha?

  • Cost effective
  • High quality
  • Flexible payment options
  • Flexible payment options
  • Wide range of furniture
  • Customer-friendly
  • Quick delivery
  • Quick delivery and Highly trained staff
  • Customized service
  • Easy returns
  • No hidden charges
  • Rental charges are inclusive of all taxes
  • Avoid Heavy Investments
  • Avoid Category Complexity
  • No Relocation Hassel
  • Discover Significant savings 

Rentmacha is a leading furniture rental company in India.

Rentmacha provides a wide range of wooden and metal furniture that can be rented according to your budget and need. The products are good and prices reasonable. Rent Macha provide good services to people who are outsiders for furniture.

Rentmacha provides furniture for rent for all types of events, functions, marriages, and parties. RentMacha provides Stylish Appliances and Furniture on Rent in Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad at rates that would blow your mind away.

Rentmacha is doing great business in India.

Rentmacha is a leading furniture rental company in India. Rentmacha provides a wide range of wooden and metal furniture that can be rented according to your budget and need.

Where is Rentmacha present?

Rentmacha is present in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and the surrounding districts. Rentmacha is prevalent in all of India’s major cities. If you need Furniture to Rent in Hyderabad or Mumbai, this is the finest place to go.

Our Prices

The rental furniture price list depends on the choice of products that you wish to purchase. Rentmacha provides only those items which are in high demand and are in great demand among its customers. The rental furniture price list is not fixed for all products, so it varies from product to product. For example, if you want a sofa bed for your office space then we will charge you less than if you were paying for an office chair or table because these things have less value than an extra bed or couch in your room.

How does Rentmacha work?

  • Select the item
  • Pick Tenure
  • Submit Documents
  • Product Ship

Why Rentmacha is the best Furniture Rent Company in India.

Rentmacha is India’s top furniture rental company. Rentmacha has been in the industry for over 5 years. Rentmacha has a large selection of wooden and metal furniture that may be hired based on your budget and needs. RentMacha offers a diverse selection of wooden and metal furniture that may be hired based on your budget and requirements. Their installation and servicing are also excellent. All of the goods were brand new and of excellent quality.

Rentmacha is the greatest furniture rental business in India if you live in a major city. Because the rates are low, the financing flexibility is considerable, and it has a larger selection of high-quality rental products than any other rental company in India.

Rentmacha offers

We provide a complete solution for each thing that you may require while renting Appliances and Furniture. Rentmacha provides long-term rentals at reasonable pricing. Rentmacha has a greater selection of high-quality rental products than any other rental company in India. Rentmacha provides financing options. After completing Tenure, you can save up to INR 500 on the last five months. Applicable for monthly rental values greater than INR 2,000 and tenures greater than 12 months. It provides high-quality furniture at reasonable pricing. Rentmacha has the greatest financing options and a big selection of high-quality rental products.

Rentmacha offers a large choice of good rental furniture at reasonable prices to meet your demands. Rentmacha has been offering its clients with various sorts of furniture such as dining tables, chairs, and sofas for numerous years. Our educated team will assist you in choosing the appropriate piece to fit your home’s décor or style requirements at an affordable price!

2. GoZefo Rentals

GoZefo is one of India’s top online retailers of reconditioned furniture and appliances. GoZefo purchases unboxed consumer returns or distributor returns from other partners to resell on its site. It contains product condition categories such as unboxed plus, unboxed, like new, well used, and gently used. In April 2018, GoZefo began selling rentals on all of its goods through a collaboration with Rentomojo.


  • A large variety
  • Return guarantee
  • Provides the chance to own the item Value for money since assets are priced differently depending on condition

3. Rentomojo

Rentomojo is a site that allows users to rent not just furniture and appliances, but also bicycles and workout equipment. It is not just a rental platform, but it also provides users with the option of purchasing the goods through its rent-to-own programme. Quality and client satisfaction are key to their service. They provide complimentary services to their customers to enhance their overall experience. Rentomojo provides the following benefits:

  • Once-only approval
  • There is no interest.
  • Spend less and utilise more.
  • Fewer documentation are needed.
  • There is no manual intervention.
  • Reduced down payment.
  • No cost relocation
  • Furniture exchanges for rent to own
  • Bikes for Rent

4. Furlenco 

Furlenco was the first brand to launch this category in India and is the market leader. Furlenco offers the best furniture selection of any rental website in India, and it is available in the following cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Mysuru.

Furlenco Furniture Company stands apart from the crowd for various reasons. The first reason is the Freedom of Choice. They provide a diverse assortment of furniture inspired by the changing demands and lifestyles of urban Indians. The second reason is Freedom of Access. They provide you with several options for obtaining furniture, including renting, subscribing, and purchasing, depending on your needs. The Freedom to Change is the third reason. This implies they will purchase it back and give you guaranteed credits to go towards anything new.


  • There is no charge for pick-up and drop-off.
  • One complimentary service
  • Up to Rs.10000 in damage coverage
  • Free product relocation.

5. City Furnish

CityFurnish offering a diverse selection of furniture, appliances, and fitness equipment. It is a one-stop shop for furniture and furnishings leasing in India. Cityfurnish delivers an unusual selection of furniture and décor goods to your home. Their furniture is inspired by the way urban Indians live in their homes. It also offers excellent bundles like the IPL package, the Living Room package, and so on. CityFurnish is well-known for being cost-effective due to its low leasing rates. They accomplish this by listening to, learning from, and providing outstanding value to our clients. Cityfurnish consistently offers an exceptional customer experience.


  • Cleaning and upkeep are provided at no cost.
  • Cost effective (mostly targeting students)
  • There is a rent-to-own option available.


Rentmacha is India’s leading furniture on rent firm, providing Furniture on Rent. Rentmacha can provide you with the greatest rental furniture options if you are seeking for furniture for rent in India. In India, rental furniture comes in a variety of styles and prices. The rental furniture price list is determined by the products you wish to purchase. Rentmacha’s service partners give expert help to ensure that your rental experience is easy and hassle-free!

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