June 18, 2024

VPS Hosting in China: Top Reason to Choose Serverwala VPS China

Due to easy internet access, now people in China trust businesses only that have their own websites. So, if you are still relying on offline business then it is high time for you to wake up.
Once you decide how you will design your website, the second and most important decision comes to choosing the right web hosting plan for your website.
Usually, people choose Shared hosting due to its attractive cheap price but do you know, shared hosting is suitable for your website till you don’t receive much traffic.
So, what will happen when people start recognizing your business online and sales increases?
That time, you either have to choose Dedicated Hosting or VPS Hosting.
Switching directly to Dedicated Hosting, doesn’t seem right. You must be wondering why you couldn’t choose Dedicated hosting directly.
Well, Dedicated Hosting is comparatively more expensive than both the other two options and requires high technical expertise to host a website on such a server.
But with VPS Hosting, neither you need to care much about price nor technicalities. Managed VPS Hosting Plan takes care of all this.

Today in this article, I will discuss what VPS Hosting is, Why you need to choose Serverwala VPS Hosting in China, Key Features of Serverwala China VPS Hosting and Serverwala’s customer reviews.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting means hosting a website on a virtual private server. A Virtual Private Server is a computer-like machine that is divided into many compartments to serve multiple users. Each partition is operated under a separate and private environment to give users maximum benefits and security.
When you opt for VPS Hosting, it means you will get one complete compartment to host your website and use resources the way you want.
VPS Hosting in China is the best choice for small to medium business owners, growing e-commerce sites, web developers, gamers, etc. It not only suits everyone’s budget but allows you to work on any software, application, or operating system you want.

Who is Serverwala?

Serverwala Data Centre is one of the industry-leading VPS Hosting providers in China. It serves all the prime locations such as Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, etc.
The Company provides enterprise-grade resources with customized configuration based on the latest technology, i.e. Linux and Windows. The operating systems available with Serverwala are ubuntu, Debian, and Centos.

Features of Serverwala VPS in China

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Root access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Monthly 20TB Data Transfer
  • 1 GBPS Network Speed
  • DDoS Protection

Why Do You Need to Choose The Serverwala VPS Hosting in China?

There are lots of reasons for choosing the Serverwala VPS Hosting in China; a few are given below:


The Serverwala VPS China provides highly scalable resources to meet the multi-purpose requirements of its customers. According to the website’s demand, with Serverwala VPS Hosting, one can quickly and easily scale up or down resources anytime.

Cheap cost

Serverwala provides the most affordable or, says, cheap VPS China Hosting Plans to suit small to medium-level enterprises budget.

Highest Uptime

The Serverwala offers 99.99% Uptime to provide high tech network flexibility. With Serverwala, your visitors will never face slow loading times.

High Performance

The serverwala offers a secured network and robust hardware tools to prepare your website to perform at its best.

Simple Licensing

With Serverwala, you can buy a license with a simple one-click by paying minimum charges for it.

Self Service Portal

The Serverwala provides a complete control panel option to perform various activities and functionalities simultaneously, which includes change password, restart, stop reload, etc.

Supermicro’s Chassis

The Serverwala offers you the best class processor and a SuperMicro blade to manage and maintain your China VPS Server. By default, it shows all nodes as RAID 1.

Highest Security

The Serverwala provides China VPS Hosting Package with an advanced data security option to keep all your data secure from cyber attacks.

Fully Managed Services

The Severwala Fully Managed VPS China Hosting Plan helps you with all technical issues to make the platform easy to use. This plan includes 24 hours of monitoring and troubleshooting problems.

When Do You Need Serverwala China VPS Hosting?

There will be many times when you will feel the need to VPS Hosting, few are mentioned here:

  • When your existing Shared Hosting plan consume the resources limit
  • With limited budget, you want to provide your websites with high resources.
  • When you want to use one server plan to run many applications
  • When your website handles financial as well as confidential data ( name, contact no., credit/debit card information, etc.)
  • When you want your app or website to stay available 24/7
  • When you have some specific or defined needs for your website


By buying Serverwala VPS Hosting in China, you get the highest and valuable VPS features to experience your website’s fast and smooth performance. The Company provides excellent services and user experience with worthy results to give your money the best value. Hope you liked this article and will consider our points while buying cheap vps China next time.

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