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5 Watch Straps to Upgrade Your Watch Style

Watch Straps to Upgrade Your Watch Style

Watches can change your overall look. It can be subtle, or you want to be upfront about it. Either way, these accessories do more than just tell the time. All watches will show the kind of person you are. If the initial design of your watch is not enough, there is one part you could change: the strap. Why? It is one of the easiest parts to replace.

Straps can range from rubber, stainless steel, or nylon. Aside from the differences in material, how you present yourself can elevate through the strap. More choices are there for you in Watch&Style and similar brands. If you want to know more, here are five straps to improve your style. Here goes!

RS0909 SKX007 FKM Rubber Strap

Rubber straps are one of the most affordable. Their material is readily available, and you will not worry about wear and tear. With a lug size of 22mm, a fat spring bar can fit in the strap. The buckle included is made out of stainless steel for a secure grip. It may be a bit too thick for some, but it can hold on to your wrist.

SB0937 SRPE Jubilee Bracelet

A recommended watch for this strap is the Seiko SRPE 5. Having a brushed finish, it can stand out even in the banalest. The strap features a milled clasp with a screw-type link. It may be tricky for the user to wear at first, but it will make the watch settled. Once you get the strap, it comes with two pieces of the spring bar. These bars are what tie the strap together.

SB0713 SKX013 Oyster Bracelet

Like the strap, it also has a screw-type link with a milled clasp. The difference is that the design shows fewer ridges. Depending on your grip, it might be trickier to handle the strap. Straps that feature the curved end link usually come with the spring bar. So this strap may be for you if you want the exact same features but with different approaches.

RS0985 SKX013 FKM Rubber Strap

If you want a rubber strap with more holes, this one can fill it up for you. With 16 holes, all sizes can fit in. Whether you are thick or thin, it can handle anyone. The rubber is soft to the touch, and you will not feel irritated by the material. Be sure that regular maintenance should be observed.

Premium Herringbone Nato Strap

Our last strap is for those who want to invest in better quality. The clasp is distinct since it has a thumbnail buckle. It is more akin to watches with traditional designs. Having a length of 30cm, it includes the buckle. Being one of the thinnest straps available, expect your wrist to feel lightweight.


While you can customize your watch in any way you want, do not forget the strap. There is a reason why products like this encourage you to be as creative as possible. When you find the design you want, it will elevate your overall look and aura.

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