Ways To Check Your Banking Activities

Banking Activities

Checking your banking activities helps you maintain accurate financial records by tracking deposits, withdrawals, and expenses, which is essential for budgeting and financial planning. It is important to keep track of your spending so that you can ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover your expenses. Nowadays, there are many cases of identity theft. It has become a significant concern in the digital age. By reviewing the banking activities, we can spot any signs of unauthorized accounts or transactions and take immediate action to prevent further damage by reporting to the bank.

There are various ways to check our banking activities such as online banking, telephone banking, ATM transactions, bank statements, Email and SMS alerts, passbooks, etc. The banks in India offer access to all these options. Let’s take Axis Bank as an example. Axis Bank is one of the major banks in India providing a range of banking services to its customers. Axis Bank provides a wide range of loan products, including home loans, personal loans, car loans, education loans, business loans, credit cards with various rewards and benefits, as well as debit cards for convenient cashless transactions. A credit card is a great banking tool if used with proper management. Clearing the bill timely will help avoid further fees. In these article, we will discuss in detail the options for Axis Bank statement download. But, what is a bank statement? First, we need to understand what a bank statement is and what it looks like.

Bank statement

A bank statement is a document provided by a bank to an account holder, typically on a monthly basis, which provides a summary of the financial activities and transactions related to the account during a specific period. It serves as a record of all the deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions that have occurred in the account.

A bank statement contains the following essential information:

  1. Account Information which contains the account holder’s name, account number, and other identifying details.
  2. The period covered by the statement, usually one month, is mentioned on the document.
  3. Beginning and Ending Balance: The statement shows the account balance at the beginning of the statement period and the closing balance at the end.
  4. Deposits and Credits: It lists all the money credited to the account during the statement period, which may include salary deposits, interest earned, and other deposits.
  5. Withdrawals and Debits: The statement provides details of all the transactions that led to money being debited from the account, such as ATM withdrawals, checks cleared, electronic payments, and other expenses.
  6. Interest and Fees: If applicable, the bank statement may include information about the interest earned on the account balance and any fees or charges levied by the bank, such as service charges, overdraft fees, or ATM usage fees.

Options for Axis Bank statement download

Customers can download their account statements through Axis bank internet banking portal or mobile banking platforms.

Internet banking

For Axis Bank statement download through internet banking service, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website from any browser.
  • The screen will show the login page. Login to your account using your credentials which are your customer ID and password. These are the credentials you got when you registered for internet banking.
  • After you log into your account, you will see the dashboard with many options. Go to the account section and select the account of which you want to download the account statement. You will see the account information displayed on the screen.
  • Below the account information, there will be an option, “detailed statement”. Click or tap on it.
  • Insert the dates of the period of your statement. You can also select from the period drop-down like last month or two months. For this, you don’t have to enter the date.
  • Then, click on the option, “view/download”. Now, your Axis bank statement download process is completed.

Mobile banking

  • Download the Axis Mobile App from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS).
  • Open the app and log in using your Axis Bank internet banking credentials which you received registration. If you are a new user, you will need to complete the registration process to create your mobile banking account.
  • After logging in, you will be taken to the app’s dashboard, which provides an overview of your accounts and services.
  • From the dashboard, select the bank account for which you want to view the statement.
  • Look for the “Statements” or “Account Statement” option within your selected account’s details. The exact location of this option may vary depending on the app version, but it is usually accessible from the account summary or details page.
  • Select the specific period for which you want to view the statement. You may have options to view statements for the last month, last three months, or choose a custom date range. Inter the date for the period you want.
  • Once you have selected the period, the app will display the account statement on the screen. You can scroll through the transactions to review them. If you wish to keep a copy for your records, you can download the statement as a PDF or save it to your device.

Some mobile banking apps also offer the option to email the account statement to your registered email address directly from the app.

Through offline method

If you don’t have internet access, you can also get a mini statement just by calling the bank from your mobile number. Many people find this option easy and convenient. If you have an account in Union bank, you can have access to the Union Bank balance enquiry number to get a mini statement. Here is how you can get it.

For this service, you need to register your mobile number with Union Bank. Send a text writing “ UMNS” to the Union bank balance enquiry number 09223008486 from your registered mobile number. The bank will send you an SMS which contains you account detail.

If you just want to check your account balance, send “UBAL” to the same number mentioned above or simply give a call to *99# and follow further instructions.

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