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What Are The Important Factors To Identify The Kanchipuram Sarees?

Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram Sarees are the type of soft silk sarees made in the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India. These types of sarees are well known because of their great texture, quality, and craftsmanship. It takes a very long time and effort to prepare a single piece of saree. You can find different varieties of floral and Indian mythological tales design. Kanchivaram sarees always give an unmatched royal, ethnic, traditional, and beautiful look to a woman. The region has a population of approx 17,000 and nearly 8000 families are living here. At the present time, Kanjivaram sarees have a $30 million industry in the country. In this article you will read the important factors to identify the Kanchipuram sarees:

Simple tests to identify pure Kanchipuram sarees:

Pure zari vs tested zari:

Kanchipuram silk sarees traditionally have a differing zari border. This is a point that distinguishes these sarees from numerous other types of silk sarees made in India. Needlewomen take a silk thread and twist a tableware thread over this thread and also it’s dipped into pure gold to make the zari border. Still, currently, tested zari is being used. This test is very important to identify the pure silk saree before purchasing from the store. Another feature of the saree is its lustrous appearance. Whenever you place these sarees at some angles under the light, it will shine and looks beautiful. You can notice this also. If you will do it under the light, it gives off fade appeal. Original or pure silk sarees will always have soft and lustrous textures. However, how to identify pure Kanjivaram silk saree remains a delicate task, If you can not determine the presence of bobby. Once you examine the color of the zari work on the sarees, you can easily find the difference between a pure zari saree and a tested zari saree. Tested zari sarees are vented at a cheaper price in general to bait people who want to buy Kanchivaram Silk Sarees.

Burn test to identify pure silk saree:

Pluck out many vestments from the underpinning and weft and light a fire at the end of the vestments. Once the fire has stopped, you will find a ball of ash left before. You have to take the ball and start to rub since the smell does not come. You will find the smell analogous to the smell of burnt hair or burnt leather. However, you are looking at a pure soft silk saree online. However, there will be no ash upon burning and you can see a flare that’s common upon burning similar filaments. There won’t be a smell of burning hair in this case.

Zari test to identify silk saree:

Now you need to look for the loose end of the zari in the saree. If you notice that the thread of the silk saree is not red or white or any other color, it is enough to know that the saree you are going to buy is not a pure Kanjivaram silk saree, If upon pulling the zari. The silver silk threads are twisted with red threads and for golden zari, they are used in authentic silk sarees. If you will scratch the zari work, it will give you off a reddish appearance. In opposite, a fake or duplicate saree will produce white threads on pricking the intricate gold threadwork.

Look for the Silk Mark marker:

Still, you can be enough certain that it is not a pure Kanjeevaram silk sarees online. If the silk saree that you’re buying is priced at Rupees 8000 or indeed less. Don’t buy a saree from a small shop or store and buy it from an estimable and dependable shop. The Silk Mark is awarded by the Silk Board of India because of the purity of Kanjivaram sarees only. Look for this marker on the saree to be sure of its fictitiousness. You can check the silk hallmark for measuring its authenticity before purchasing the Kanjeevaram silk saree. Because the Silk Mark Organization of India has certified all the pure silk sarees with an authentic silk hallmark and it is known as the body of the Central Silk Board of India, which. Before purchasing wedding silk sarees below 10000, you have to check completely.

Check the Color Palette:

The pure or original silk sarees are known for their striking color combinations. First of all, you have to notice the contrasting colors between the saree and the portion of its pallu. The saree will be a fake one if the shades are similar. The color palette also helps to identify the sarees.

Touch To Reveal:

You have to check to move your hands over the entire saree and have to feel its softness before purchasing a bridal sarees. If it will be fake or any other patches will find, you can tell them that time. So, you need to notice the whole saree very carefully while purchasing.

Thus, the above-mentioned are the tips to identify Kanchipuram sarees. Hope this article helps you. Choose the best and good quality of cloth. Happy Shopping!

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