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What Is Legume and Their Types

Legume is a fairly common kind of vegetable. Legumes originated from the Fabellaceae, or the Leguminosaceae, family of plants. It is hard to really know where they first came from.

Legume is very beneficial for health. They are rich in many minerals and nutrients.

Some of the most common, beneficial legumes are:


Legume seeds are very rich in proteins. Chickpeas are used in many Middle Eastern and other ethnic cuisines. They are high in nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for human health.

They are also used for making pasta. You will find many dishes that use chickpeas as a part of the main ingredient, such as Moroccan, Greek, Turkish and Indian foods.

Black beans:

Black beans are known as cactus and are a member of the Fabaceae or legume family. They are also contain nutrients, protein and vitamins.

They are used to make teas and beverages. They can be eaten raw as a food or can be dried or simmered. Some popular black beans include: black bean hummus, bean chili, bean hummus wraps and black bean tacos.


Peas are also known as flat beans. They have high quantity protein and nutrients. They are use in whole word. They are used to make soups, stews and sauces, but are more often used for their seeds.

Black beans:

Black beans are known as red kidney beans. And they come from a different family than black beans that are black in color. They are also part of the same family as fava beans and are commonly used as a vegetable. They are not used for cooking though.


Legumes are often used in Asian cuisine as a spice. They can be eaten fresh, as a salad vegetable or added to foods. In India, turmeric is sometimes used in curries, especially during the summer months.

Turmeric has health benefits, which makes it very useful as a spice. It has been found to reduce high blood pressure and is used to help prevent the spread of cancer and to treat diabetes.

Benefits of legume

Benefits of Legume in Your Daily Life If you think about the nutritional value of legumes, the list can go on. They are rich in vitamins A, B6, calcium, iron and potassium.

The above legume contain various enzymes. So, you should eat plenty of legumes every day if you want to reap the benefits. Many people take supplements containing all of these. Just be sure that you are getting all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that you need.

You can find a number of different types of legumes. All of them can be used to make some foods. For example, black beans can be used as a filling snack with chips, salsa and sour cream on top. They are also excellent in burritos.

Kidney beans can be a great addition to any meals. They are a high fiber food with a mild spiciness and are very good for the digestive system. If you add a bit of black pepper to your soup it will add flavor and kick up the nutrition.

Kidney beam Legume type


Sunflower seeds are very high in fiber and can help reduce cholesterol. But are also good for weight loss. The seed contains tannin. The sunflower seed contains lignin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It is useful in controlling blood sugar levels and in reducing cholesterol.

Chana Dal

Which is a lentil is excellent in curries. Chana Dal contains beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant. The beta-carotene also helps keep skin smooth and supple.

Garbanzo beans

Garbanzo beans are also known as kidney beans and can be a tasty substitute. If you cook it properly, it is delicious and full of fiber. However, you can also eat them raw.

Nopal cactus

Nopal cactus is another great source of protein. It has a high amount of protein, which can be helpful for weight loss and is beneficial for diabetics. Nopal cactus can be used in soups and stews to add more protein. Nopal cactus also contains tannin, which is good for your digestion system and also fights free radicals.

Legumes are a good way to improve your digestion. They are rich in fiber and are a natural diuretic. If you combine it with certain fruits and vegetables you can lose weight.

Legumes are a great source of fiber. In addition, they have many other valuable nutrients and are good sources of protein.

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