June 18, 2024
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What’s new in mobile app development?

The mobile app development industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. As technologies advance, developers are coming up with new and exciting ways to enhance the customer experience.

If you need an app for your business, it is worth keeping up with modern trends. As suggested, these are fuelled by advances in technology, but consumer demands also have a part to play too. In this post, we will list much of what is new and happening in mobile app development today.

#1: Chatbot integration

Chatbots have been around for a long time now, and you have probably connected with them yourself when using business websites. But to date, very few apps have been created with integrated chatbots but this is starting to change.

Thanks to the advances in AI technology, chatbots are becoming more human-like, and businessthey createow creatinteracteractions with their customers.

Consider Starbucks, for example. The chatbot on their app (My Starbucks Barakeend drinks and take your order for you.

Then there’s the app used by Babpersonalizedrsonalizedelguidance parentsdvice and guidance to parents after they have answered questions given to them by the chatbot.

These are just two examples but as technology develops, expect chatbots to docomicsch comicssthe coming months and years.

#2: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality AR has already been used in high-quality gaming applications, such as Pokemon Go, bthisnin sin this ntechnologyadvances of this technology too.

Real estate agencies use AR within their apps to give their clients an up-close-and-personal look at the homes they are selling.

Popular furniture store IKEA integrated AR into their app to let people visualize furniture setups in their homes.

And certain fashion outlets have taken advantage of AR to digitally fit clothing onto models.

Such AR experiences have proven useful for customers as they have helped them with their buying decisions. During the pandemic when people were confined to their homes, AR proved especially useful, but exbecomehspare ogy to become more widely spread over the next few years.

#3: 5G Technology

5G is being rolled out everywhere, which is great news for mobile phone users. When it comes to mseverelypp develseveralnadvantagesare several advantages.

  • Speed and efficiency will be enhanced
  • There will be a significant decrease in latency
  • There will be a boost in traffic capacity and network efficiency
  • New app featurescompromisinperformanceomisinghtap thepp’s performance

Mobile app developers and customers alike will benefit from the speeds that 5G can provide, so expect apps with greater functionality and better performance over the next few years.

#4: Improved apps for wearable technologies

Wearable technologies are nothing new as smartwatches, fitness bands, and trackers have been in existence for some time now. However, when it comes to app development, we have only just scratched the service. Expect this to change now that Applfromhas fromught the App Store thApplele Watch. Mobile app development companies are now creating Mintheesthetheedthe functionalitye devi in mind are improving the functionality of what they are developing.

Users will soon have access to tens of thousands of apps from the devices on their wrists. We aren’t only talking about Apple devices, as competing companies will also be integrating new app technologies to secure their position in the wearable marketplace.

#5: Improved mobile app security

We all know that websites can get hacked but in recent times, there have been a large number of app-related data breaches too. We aren’t only talking about little-known apps either. Uber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Grindr have all made the news after app vulnerabilities were found.

Because of these security lapses, businesses are now investing more in cybersecurity.

For this reason, digital security has become one of the leading app development trends this year.

New sign-in features are becoming more common, such as ‘Sign In With Apple’ which protects accounts with two-factor authentication. With this feature, users don’t nter their details as they need only sign in using their Apple account. This offers peace of mind to both users and business owners, as the risk of a data breach can be massively reduced.


We haven’t covered everything thing here as mobile app development is changing all the time. Other advances include:

  • A greater focus on Internet of Things (IoT) app integration
  • Apps designed for the new wave of foldable devices
  • Mobile wallet integration
  • Apps built with cloud storage integration

And so much more besides. To learn more about the advances in mobile app development, get in touch with us and benefit from the services of our experienced team if you need an app built for your business.

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