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Which Hairstyle Suits For a Long Face Girl?

Hairstyle Suits For a Long Face Girl

Girls are very particular when it comes to their overall outlook, especially the hair, in regard to face structure. You don’t want to have the perfect hairstyle on the wrong face structure. You should know that all face structures are phenomenal, and neither is better than the other. 

The trick lies in your ‘’good decisions’’ when it comes to hairstyles. You should be thrilled that you have a long face, and the trick is to make it look full cheekbone. You also need to reduce the wideness on the forehead and the length in general.

Various hairstyles flatter the oblong face. You should, therefore, not settle for one particular hairstyle because you fear that another would not look good on your long face. For long faces, consider the following hairstyle for a stunning look that matches your style, hair type, and taste.

Blunt Bangs which are at Chin Length

The hairstyle is modern, trendy, and classic with a messy finish. The bob ideally reaches the chin. The look makes a face look shorter. The lines on the bangs create an illusion of a short lengthened face. The hairstyle is ideal for girls with narrower faces. The hairstyle makes you look very young.

Side part with waves

You should know that the aim is to make a face look more full. Defined curves add the width to the face. Bob hairstyles are best for this hairstyle. Side parted hair with waves will make your face look more comprehensive, and the bob creates an illusion of shorter face length. The style is both classy and trendy.

Side parted with a shaggy lob

For free spirit and daring girls, this is the best hairstyle for you. Just like its name, the hairdo has hairy and defines waves. The hair is side-parted to increase the volume and balance out the narrow cheekbone. The lob hides the broad forehead.

Long waves which are center parted

This hairdo is the best hairstyle for girls with the defined forehead. The parted hairstyle will make the forehead narrower, and the side waves will make the cheekbone appear wider. To achieve this look, use the curling iron and then brush the hair out for a beach and smooth waves.

Side parted hair with a textured bob

One thing you should know is that side parts create an asymmetrical look to your face, which is both trendy and flattering to a girl’s oblong face. With this hairstyle, the textured bob is side-parted. A bob makes your long face look shorter and adds volume to the cheeks.

Sharp and shaggy with side-parted bob

You should know that haircuts for oblong faces are both edgy and intense. This shag here is the best for added hair volume. Thin hair does not arguer well with long faces because they make you look lanky and withdrawn appearance. The whole idea in this hairstyle is increase volume and shorter length illusion.

The long layered style for fine hair

Maintaining fine and long hair could be the hardest thing when it comes to a long-faced girl. The hair could be challenging to style, especially on counterbalancing the face. Choose a side parting style, and it will frame the face naturally. It will give the forehead a narrow illusion and cover the narrow cheekbones.

Centre parted hairstyles

The key to your hairstyle is volume and body. For the girls with long faces, medium hair length and bobs are the way to go. The center-parted hair help in narrowing the forehead. Use a big roller to create a massive wave on each parted side and tease your hair for a perfect look. This style will make a face look more extensive and cover the broad forehead. It is an effortless and flattering hairstyle.

Deep side-parted hairstyle for long face

You should know that side-parted hair gives a girl a flattering look because it exposes the beautiful outline of the brow and cheekbone. It shows the overall shape of your face and covers the other side for both trendy and flattering outlook.

Shaggy hair for an oblong face

The hairstyle goes well with the oblong faced girls who have a broad forehead. The messy shaggy hair gives the face silhouettes, which take off some length off your forehead. It creates a vast illusion on the cheekbones.

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