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Wholesale Kids Shirts: Tips of Choosing and Matching Them

Casual shirts are preferred by adults, and their casualness and generosity make many people love them. With the evolution of fashion and the increasing enrichment of children’s clothing, casual shirts have also become the daily wear of some children. So, what details should be paid attention to when choosing casual shirts for children? In addition to the style, what else should I pay attention to? Based on our experience in wholesale kids shirts, let us share with you how to choose children’s shirts.

When choosing clothes for children, we need to pay attention to the children’s psychological and physical characteristics. In the children’s clothing industry, it is generally divided according to the age structure, but when choosing, it should be selected according to the actual situation of the child, so as not to affect the normal growth of the child. So how to choose a kids shirt.

  1. According to Age

    Children generally refer to children between 4-11 years old. Children in this period have enhanced personalities, grow rapidly, and men and women are different. When buying, please choose a loose casual shirt, usually one size larger or one size fit. Relying on children’s personalized choices, the range of fabric choices has also increased a lot. Natural and chemical fibers can be used, and the color contrast should be relatively strong, such as bright red contrast color, which highlights the sense of existence. In terms of style, you can also choose a little bit more.

  2. Fabrics

    You should choose a casual shirt made of cotton blended fiber. It is soft, close-fitting, warm, moisture-absorbing and air-permeable, and does not generate static electricity. But it is not afraid of shrinking and wrinkling, it is very suitable for children to wear. The burning method can be used to distinguish the authenticity. The pure cotton burns quickly, and the burning material does not coke, and it is generally white or gray ashes. It is really important to choose the material. Good material is worn on the child, and the child is not afraid of harm.

  3. Appearance

    Observe whether there are obvious defects on the outer surface of the casual shirt; whether there are color differences and cracks at the seams. When buying, you can pull it to see if there is any slippage at the seams. Pay attention to whether the accessories on the clothes are firm to prevent children from accidentally entering the mouth; check whether the clothes are symmetrical and whether the stitches are smooth.

The above are the details to pay attention to when buying children’s shirts. Next, let us share how to match children’s casual shirts? Casual shirts are cooler and cuter only when worn on children. But do you want to know how to match this shirt to make it look more fashionable? Therefore, in order to make your child more fashionable, you can also dress up the cute child according to the following matching rules!

  1. White is the Best Color to Match with Other Colors

    Red is enough to attract eyes and beauty, white is enough to set off any color, so you might as well buy a few white casual shirts for your child, so that it is easy to match clothes. The children’s world is simple and the appearance is also very cute, so in order to set off their beauty, you might as well find some casual shirts with a sense of design. If you buy a white shirt, it will look monotonous. Take a look at our short-sleeved white shirt. With the unique blue striped fake pocket design on the chest and the blue striped design on the inner collar of the clothes, this white shirt will not look so monotonous.

    We recommend matching this shirt with a pair of black shorts. This complete pairing looks simple and handsome.

  2. Collaborate with Casual Shirts Cleverly

    Different colors can be used in the same color matching of children’s clothing. Therefore, when matching casual shirts, you should choose suitable pants or skirts according to your child’s skin color, the color and style of the casual shirt. Choosing several colors and matching some accessories for embellishment is the easiest way to match.

    For example, this white shirt and skirt look simpler, but a black belt is added to the waist, and a pair of sandals of the same color are added to make this match look really simple and beautiful. May wish to help your child change his style. Show the beauty and handsomeness of the child.

  3. According to the Climate

    In spring and summer, it is still in a climate with variable temperatures, sometimes cold and sometimes hot. At this time, you can choose a shirt to match clothes for your child. A shirt does not have to be worn as a top, but can also be used as a jacket. If you only wear a short sleeve, it is not suitable and will be easier to catch cold. You may worry that your child has a cold. I believe you want your children to look stylish and good-looking, and to protect them. So here, we recommend that you make the following matching:

    A blue short-sleeved shirt jacket + a short T-shirt on one side + a pair of white short pants does this look very stylish and handsome. You can try to dress up this style for your children.


The above three points on how to choose a shirt and three matching suggestions, I hope it will be helpful to you. You can try to change your child’s previous styles and let these styles show your child’s beauty and handsomeness. Not only can you ensure your child’s safety, but you can also keep your child at the forefront of trends, which is really good.

The clothing styles recommended above are all from our wholesale kids shirts. The quality of our clothing is guaranteed to be of high quality, which not only makes children comfortable to wear, but also makes them fashionable. Hurry up and take action, browse our website and choose suitable fashionable clothes!

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