May 20, 2024
Drug Screening Test

Why Drug Screening Tests are Important for Families and Employers?

Bad influence, past trauma, and even a one-time experience of consuming an illicit drug substance can lead a person to addiction. Drug abuse can negatively impact the person consuming it and their family and society as a whole. Similarly, for an employer for whom keeping the workplace drug-free and safe is also critical. Thankfully, the modern-day and advanced Drug Screening tests come to everyone’s aid. These tests are able to detect the presence of illicit and prescription drugs within the individuals’ systems and can give an accurate idea of drugs consumed in the past. People who have their kids sent to boarding schools and distant colleges know the risks of their children getting into drug use. Therefore, they can get a Drug Test for the children and timely intervene in the situation for rehabilitation of their kid. Similarly, workplaces require a drug-free zone and sober workers to maintain safety and efficiency.

But what if someone denies getting a drug test? What if they are sober at present, and you still need to find out if they used any drugs in the past? Don’t worry! There are effective and alternative Drug Screening Tests you can get for your loved ones without even bothering them.

Hair & Nail Drug Screening Test – Detecting Drug Use of Up to 12 Months

Consequences of Drug Use

Today, you can easily get a Drug Screening Test using hair and nail samples of the person under doubt.

When a person consumes a drug, it gets broken down into its metabolites. This biochemical transformation takes place primarily for two purposes. Firstly, for the conversion of the inactive form of the drug into its active form for the desired effect. Secondly, it helps convert the waste products of the drug breakdown into harmless substances for proper elimination from the body. The same metabolites get carried via the bloodstream to the hair follicles and nail beds. From there, the metabolite gets trapped either in the keratin fibers of the hairs or nails. This lays the foundation for hair and nail drug tests.

Nail and Hair Drug Screening Tests are painless methods that are accurate and reliable. Here is how these Drug Tests work:

Hair Drug Test

Hair Drug Tests offer a great alternative to conventional drug testing. For the test, a few hair strands from the back of the head are taken. These are then subjected to two different types of drug screening – Overview Analysis and Segmented Analysis.


Overview Analysis: Over time, drug use episodes get averaged in hair samples. For an overview analysis, the length of the hair section determines the period analyzed. For example, to find out 3 months’ drug use, a 3 cm hair section is used. Similarly, a 6 cm section is taken to test drug consumption over the past 6 months. However, for a 6 months overview analysis, the 6 cm hair section is split into two pieces of 3 cm each. Here, it is important to note that if a person abstained from drug use for 2 months and then suddenly started using more quantities of the drug, the 3-month overview analysis would detect drug markers across the entire hair length.

Segmented Analysis: Segmented analysis involves detailed and month-by-month profiling of drug use. This test is used for comprehensive analysis of the drug use patterns by the individual. In short, this type of Drug Screening is particularly done to understand the drug consumption habit. For analysis, the hair strands are cut into 1 cm sections to look for drug metabolites, and the month-by-month data on drug intake is shown. This drug test is so precise it can also pinpoint single instances of drug use months ago.

Nail Drug Test

People who are unable to give hairs as a sample for any reason can also give their nails for drug screening tests. These tests are called Nail Drug Tests and can detect drug usage of up to 12 months.


For Nail Drug Test, you have to give either your fingernails or toenails – never a combination of both. If the nails measure 5mm or more, a single nail clipping is enough for the test. However, shorter than that, you need to give as many nail clippings as possible, generally, around 10 mg.

These samples are analyzed using specialized techniques to either give you an overview of drug use patterns or a segmented/month-wise pattern.

Urine Drug Testing Kit

With our 14-Panel Urine Drug Testing Cup, you can instantly test drug use at home. This test can detect the following drugs:

  1. Tramadol (TRA) – Chill Pills, Trammies,Ultras
  2. Cannabis (THC) – Weed, Grass, Pot
  3. Amphetamine (AMP) – Speed
  4. Buprenorphine (BUP) – Strips, Oranges
  5. Methamphetamine (MET) – Crystal Methor Ice
  6. Phencyclidine (PCP) – Angel Dust
  7. Barbiturates (BAR) – Phennies, Reds,Yellows
  8. MDMA – Ecstacy
  9. Benzodiazepines (BZO)
  10. Methadone (MTD/EDDP) – Meth, Dollies, Methadose, Jungle Juice
  11. Opiates (OPI/MOR) – Smack or White Stuff
  12. Propoxyphene (PPX) – Footballs, Pinks
  13. Cocaine (COC) – Coke, Crack
  14. Ketamine (KET) – Cat Valium, Jet, K,Special K, Green

Why Choose Us for a Drug Screening Test in India?

Best Lab for Drug Screening

We offer accurate and reliable drug screening tests in India at reasonable prices. You can get benefits of either of the Hair Drug Test or the Nail Drug Test and find out about loved ones’ drug consumption habits.

For employers, these tests are no less than a boon, as by testing their employees, they can assure of a safe working environment in the premises. Doing so reduces the risk of accidents, especially in dangerous working environments, like in factories and also improves productivity.

To book your Drug Screening Test, call us at +91 8010177771 or message us at +91 9213177771.

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