May 29, 2024
kraft pillow boxes wholesale

Why Kraft Pillow Boxes are the Best Packaging

From being environmentally friendly to providing a professional look, kraft pillow boxes are an excellent choice. Ecological packaging paper will be recyclable and reusable. This significantly improves packaging efficiency. There are two main ways to turn green into packaging: kraft paper and corrugated paper. Kraft paper is the best way to make environmentally friendly packaging. Pillowcases are a great way to pack small items. They used for packaging candy, cakes, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses or handmade products.

However, it is known that large kraft pillow boxes used for wrapping hair extensions. They are an excellent alternative to other non-degradable packaging options. The kraft pillow boxes wholesale is also very comfortable to use. Cowhide pillowcases are suitable for wrapping gifts, especially when decorated with some gorgeous ribbons. They have classic elegance and unique appearance. Therefore, pillowcases leave a good impression on the product and make branded products stand out in the store.

Kraft pillow boxes wholesale concept:

Kraft pillow boxes wholesale are available in different sizes and designs. You can also add your logo and product information to these boxes. Color boxes can be made, but Kraft paper is usually brown. You can use foil or add windows to add other features. The strength of the buffer box is sufficient to protect the packaged products, because kraft paper is a strong and durable packaging material. In addition, due to their flat structure, these pillow boxes save space and take up very little space.

Kraft paper is profitable; therefore, you can make these kraft pillow boxes at an affordable price. It is also very cheap to build pillow boxes wholesale. In the case of large quantities, the order quantity is large, so the overall price is lower. These pillowcases come in various styles; some are:

Main Kraft Pillow boxes:

The basic pillow boxes is all around us. These boxes are popular styles for packaging many products. The kraft pillow boxes wholesale is flat and folded on both sides. They are very comfortable and easy to assemble and fold. The packaging of the kraft pillow is made of kraft paper, which is very environmentally friendly. The environmental protection box used for other purposes after use.

If they wear out after repeated use, they will naturally degrade in the environment. According to different products, they have different sizes. In the case of sweets, their size is small. They are very suitable for scarves and other items. This is why pillow boxes have many uses in our daily liver.

Kraft Pillow box with handle:

The kraft pillow boxes modified in many ways, such as adding handles. The handle further improves customer comfort. These are available for many products in the market. The handle can easily hold and carry the box. This greatly enhances the customer experience. They are very suitable for clothing such as T-shirts and scarves. Kraft pillow boxes wholesale with handles look elegant and make the product impressive. This shows how difficult it is to make the packaging on the label convenient. Therefore, processing kraft pillow boxes will satisfy customers and enhance the brand image.

Custom Kraft Pillow box with ribbon:

Sometimes ribbons added to make kraft pillow boxes more attractive and attractive. There are two ways to replace kraft pillow boxes wholesale with tape strips. First, they designed as closed packages. In this case, the custom kraft pillow boxes is opened and closed by tying these straps. They look very beautiful and beautiful. Ribbon arches make these boxes ideal for wrapping gifts. They can also create identifiers. The ribbon handle looks very attractive. The ribbon adds a lot to the appearance and display of the product. Therefore, these pillow boxes mainly used for events such as weddings or parties.

Custom kraft pillow boxes:

All types of custom kraft pillow boxes can customized. Custom packaging helps labels meet market needs. Custom boxes made according to their specific size, style, printing and content. For example, you can add logos, ingredients, product descriptions, or notes to these boxes. They may have premium covers and prints. The coating can be gold or silver. Advanced printing, such as Spot UV, can create attractive custom boxes.

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