Why SAFe Certification Is Vital In Today’s Competitive World?

Why SAFe Certification Is Vital In Today's Competitive World?

SAFe Certification is a knowledge foundation of proven, integrated concepts, practises, and competences for achieving business agility in big businesses via the use of Lean, Agile, and DevOps. SAFe makes it easier for big agile teams to coordinate, collaborate, and deliver.

Why Would You Want to Work in SAFe?

Recent SAFe advances have made a career in Scrum Vs SAFe more financially beneficial. Here are some ScaledAgile data that create a positive picture:

  • The average income increases for IT workers who earned a new certification is $13,000.
  • 71% of firms have only recently implemented agile, creating a huge potential for SAFe certified people.
  • Since getting certified, 78 percent of SAFe certified professionals have reported increased demand for their talents.

The advantages of obtaining a SAFe certification

If you’re on the fence about getting a SAFe certification or don’t feel it’s necessary, here are reasons showing the role of technology to do so.

Addressing adoption issues

In small firms, ensuring agile adoption with two or three teams requires essentially little work. It’s difficult to demonstrate the same level of achievement at a large corporation.

This occurs because a one-size-fits-all approach is impractical for both large and small businesses. Obtaining SAFe agile certification equips you with the necessary skills and tools to successfully expand agile throughout a business in order to improve time to market, employee engagement, and quality.

International recognition

SAFe certifications, such as Leading SAFe, are recognised globally since they are issued by Scaled Agile Framework, a global agile certifying organisation. You will be able to work anywhere in the globe with legitimate credentials.

Become familiar with the new roles in an agile organisation

It’s not easy to scale Agile in a huge firm. It requires the introduction of new roles as well as the modification of current ones. You will have a difficult time if you have no idea how to accomplish one of them.

A 25% pay raise

SAFe Agilist certification ensures that you will receive a pay raise in your present or next employment. SAFe Agilist gives you specialist skills, and SAFe certified professionals earn a 25% pay raise over their non-certified counterparts.

SAFe implementation minimum hurdles, failures, and delays

When two or more agile teams join together, they don’t adapt effectively, which is a prevalent challenge in large firms. The SAFe Agilist certification programme gives you skills that will enable you to establish a uniform agile strategy across your firm.

In the end, we can say that SAFe certification makes organizational decision-making more effective. Decision-making ability is one of the most critical characteristics for a firm to possess. It’s critical to know that if there are concerns that require urgent attention, significant challenges that must be solved, or interrelated factors that must be considered, someone can come up with a solution right away. The SAFe Agilist certification’s Lean Portfolio Management and Lean Finance training helps firms react quicker while also recognising the impact they have on their organization’s financial and overall health in the right manner.

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