June 16, 2024

7 tourist places in United Kingdom

7 tourist places in United Kingdom

Below you will find 12 places to visit in the UK divided by country. You will surely find one that will delight you!



This list starts with the main city of England, London. Don’t miss out on the classic tourist attractions: Big Ben, Westminster, the Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace and London Eye, the biggest fortune in the world.

However, it is also advisable to visit London Dungeon for an experience that is both terrifying and fun, with interactive shows, special effects and more than 20 live actors.

On Sunday, at the Brick Lane street market on the north side of the city. Ladrillos are being built on this street, with its name, but today it has been transformed into a Bengali Hindu food and crafts market, as well as gifts and vintage articles.

Prepare with comfortable shoe and some money because you’ll want to take it all. In this place you will also be able to appreciate excellent street art samples authored by Banksy and other artists.

Iron bridge Gorge Museums:

Iron bridge is, not more, the cuna of the Industrial Revolution. Located in Shropshire, 8 kilometers from Tel ford, this place is a group of museums that will transport you in time. For example, there is a Victorian pueblo where you can get to know the lifestyle of that time, the type of shops and products they offer and buy sweets with authentic Victorian coins.

Do you like to investigate how the things work? Then visit Enginuity, an interactive museum with activities for all ages where you will learn about technology and design. for sponsor visa click here

Los Lagos District:

The biggest national park in the United Kingdom, the District of Los Lagos, is also a World Heritage Site for its importance and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United Kingdom. This place is perfect if you are a natural lover. It is located in the north west of England, 3.5 hours from London en tren, and just 1.5 hours from Manchester. In the District of Los Lagos is the biggest mountain in England, Scafell Pike. Another of its attractions is its 16 lakes of different sizes.

Scotland Tourist Places:


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, offers some of the most impressive places to visit in the United Kingdom, starting with the Castle of Edinburgh, an authentic military fortress that turns out to be the most attractive attraction for tourists throughout the city.

Have you heard about la milla real? This measure is based on the 1,814.2 meters long of the Calle Royal Mile. It is a place where you can walk while admiring medieval architecture. For shopping lovers, the recommendable call is Princes Street, where you can find some of the most important stores in the city.

After walking down these small streets, the north side of Princes Street leads to Stock bridge, a suburb known for its cafes, restaurants and, above all, the Sunday market with food from all over the world. For Visa Consultation Click here

Finally, Leith is the ancient maritime center of Edinburgh. It is currently one of the most visited spots by tourists thanks to its cafes and restaurants, and it is also pleasant to walk along the waterfront while visiting the yachts.

High lands:

Do you like whiskey? In the Highlands of Scotland you will find more than a hundred distilleries of this spirit drink that has given the region so much fame. You will be able to visit some of them and find out how whiskey is produced, in addition to which you will be able to enter the catalogs known as whiskey flights.

In the Highlands you can also get to know the Celtic culture, from here, there you can listen to people that speak Scottish Gaelic, a language that has lived with English throughout its history.

Sin place to dudas, the most famous place in the Tierras Altas and the Loch Ness, home of the mythical monster Nessie. Other bodies of water that you can visit are on Lake Linnhe and Lake Rannoch.

Isle of Skye:

The Island of Skye is one of the most beautiful places in the United Kingdom, ideal for nature lovers and adventurers who are immune to the cold, as it is the Scottish island that is further north.

In this place you will be able to observe edenic landscapes, from where the sky shines all its immensity under royal waterways. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing to practice trekking among its green areas and visit the Trotternish peninsula, a volcanic basalt coast with views that look like paintings.

Snowdonia National Park:

Snowdonia National Park is another large natural destination (2,142 square kilometers). It lists the greatest attractions in Wales: the Snowdon mountain, which is 85 meters high, is one of the highest points in Great Britain, and Lake Dywarchen, a very popular place to practice fishing.

One of the reasons why it has gained recognition in recent years and that it is one of the places with less light contamination in the United Kingdom, so lovers of seeing stars have found a meeting point.

Lleyn Peninsula:

It is one of the obligatory points for the fanatics of the Gaelic culture. It is a place of picturesque churches, inheriting a full history of religious pilgrimages, and in the ancient village of Nant Northern you can visit the National Center for Language and Welsh Culture.

The best is that in this spot there are also quiet beaches and in them where you can practice sports such as windsurfing and sailing. On the other hand, the Wales Coast Path, a coastal path where you can walk while listening to the quiet oil.

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