June 18, 2024
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8 Maintenance Tips to Avoid Common Bathroom Problems

One of the essential features of housekeeping is maintenance of bathrooms. Bathrooms are generally susceptible to clogs and leaks. Hence, it is essential to ensure that they are maintained well to keep it working efficiently to avoid major issues. Some of the issues that can arise in bathrooms are low pressure shower-heads, clogged sinks, plumbing leaks, slow drains, running toilet, sewer smells. With regular maintenance, you can avoid major problems and save a lot of money in the long run.

Bathroom maintenance tips to follow

Look for signs of leaks

Dripping taps can be very annoying. To fix a leaking tap, you can call professionals from the plumbing services in Dubai to fix the problem. Different taps need different tools and these professionals will have the right ones.

Eliminate bathroom sink buildup

Your bathroom sinks need to be cleaned weekly to remove buildups like hair and other debris that can cause clogging. Remove the debris and build up and run hot water for a few minutes to loosen the buildup. You can also use a drain cleaner to keep your drains clear. Watch what goes down your drain to avoid buildups.

Look for Clogging in toilets

Avoid clogging in toilets by not flushing down facial tissue, sanitary pads, diapers, unwanted soaps, and other similar items. Blockage in toilets is caused due to dumping items into it. Clogs occur frequently when there is a blockage in the drain pipe. Turn off the water connection and use plungers to remove the clog.

Use drain covers

Drains get clogged due to hair and other soap residue. Using drain covers act as a defense mechanism as they block the entry of hair, soap residue, dirt and other particles that can clog the drain. If you notice that flow of water is slow, run hot water down the drain. Clean the drain to remove foul odors caused due to dirt and buildups.


Low water pressure in shower-heads can cause real frustration. They become less efficient due to the buildup of mineral deposits. To clear the inlet and outlet holes of the shower-head, you need to remove the shower-head and soak in vinegar overnight.

Check for clogs

Blocked toilets can be very frustrating. To prevent toilets from blocking, ensure not to keep any things close to the toilet. Do not flush things that will cause blockage.

Clean bathroom weekly

At least one a week clean your bathroom – bathtub, toilet, wash basin, walls, mirrors and floor. You can avail the home cleaning services in Dubai to have clean and efficient bathrooms, in case you find no time to do it on your own.


Limescale builds up in watery areas such as bathroom. Eliminate limescale buildup for perfect water flow and clean appearance. You can remove limescale by using natural blends like vinegar and lemon juice. They act as an effective descaler for shower-heads and bathroom taps. You can also use an abrasive cleaner to remove limescale as it is resistant to most bathroom cleaners.

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