Understanding Stage Rigging In Stage Rentals and What You Need

Stage Rigging LA

Stage rigging is one of the most crucial parts of any stage performance, other than the performance itself. Flexible and good lighting alongside synced and seamless audio delivery are irreplaceable in theatre and music performances in today’s day and age. The problem arrives when you do not know what you are searching for, or you spend too little on equipment. There have been disastrous consequences with bad stage rigging, where people have been injured or hurt, or where the equipment had stopped functioning completely. Here is what you need to know about high quality stage rigging.

Stage Rigging

What Does Stage Rigging Consist Of?

Stage rigging involves:

  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Support and movement of stage scenery

Stage lighting has many outlets that can be controlled individually in terms of brightness. This allows for more expression on stage. Each light fixture can weigh approximately 18 kgs or even more, and the most fascinating bit is that even small productions can use over three hundred specialty light fixtures. Half of these hang over the actors at any given point, which is why theatre rigging needs to be safe.

Backdrops, framed scenes, curtains and any kind of movable scenery work with the same principle: that they need to be out of the performers’ way so they can move freely on stage, while also retaining free mobility to move on and off stage. Audio equipment involves mic, speakers and mixing. If the mic or the speaker fails, it can ruin the entire show.

Equipment For Different Kinds Of Stage Rigging

The first question you should ask yourself is, “what are some good lighting and sound equipment rental near me?’ It will almost always be followed up by knowing what stage rigging you are searching for. These are some stage rigging structures you should consider if you are searching for stage rental Los Angeles.

  1. Fly tower with rigging – The fly tower is the space above the stage performance area, where the stage rigging equipment is exclusive to the stage. It is known as the stage house, and it does not necessarily have a gridiron.
  2. Headwell – The headwell is important in its function of supporting a manually operated rigging system using steel counterweights. The vector point (where the rope passes through a single puller) attaches to the headwell, so the headwell needs to be strong enough to hold up the lifted item and steel weights.
  3. Gridiron – A gridiron is a type of permanent stage rigging system, where it is a secured work floor attached to the fly tower. It can support fundamental, upright rigging by holding the blocks that need to support the live load on the fly tower. It is useful in many ways.
  4. Motorized rigging system – Motorized rigging systems are often used on cruise ships, since they do not have much space backstage or on deck. These are used for lifting very heavy loads and for providing the same movement multiple times during production.

While looking around at these, do not be afraid to spend more money and get the best-quality products.

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