8 Simple and Effective Vastu Tips for your Home

Vastu Tips for home

Our home is a place where we spend most of our time and if there is any negative energy within its walls, the situation can turn problematic in one’s life. Vastu dosh is one of the biggest reasons for unhappiness and quarrels amongst the people living in the house. Removing Vastu dosh is one of the simplest solutions for adding positivity, spiritual balance, and prosperity to your home.

Here are some simple and effective Vastu tips for your home to ensure a calm and happy environment. 


A clean home is a big energy source. A well organized and clean home attracts the lord of wealth and brings in wealth and prosperity. It is important to keep our living space free of clutter to attract positive energies. Make sure your home is never unorganized and messy as it can attract bad energies and spread negativity.

Avoid plastic plants

For a positive and fresh feeling in homes, it is advised to avoid placing plastic flowers in our home. If you like decorating your home with flowers, go for fresh real flowers with mild fragrance to attract positive vibes.

Wall Colors

Colors on the walls decide the mood of the home. Make sure the walls of your home are painted in bright and rich colors. Dull colors can spread laziness and negativity in your home. Vastu Experts in Gujarat suggests using colors like green, purple, and yellow to attract harmony, patience, and calmness.


Clocks are an important part of any household. But keeping clocks which are not in a working condition is not considered auspicious by the Vastu Consultant in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Keeping slow and non-working clocks can hinder your financial progress.

Bring a money plant

Keeping a money plant is the house can fill your home with positive and warm vibes. It is also believed that keeping healthy money plants at our place help in growing wealth and bringing financial stability. Place a money plant at a good clean place in your home and nurture it for financial prosperity.

Mirror Placements

Placement of mirrors truly decides the energies of our homes. It is advisable to not have a mirror in the bedroom if you still want to keep a mirror in your bedroom, make sure it does not face the bed. Vastu Experts in Rajasthan say that mirrors placed in our homes should not face north and east directions as it can reflect the positive energies out.

No footwear at the main door

Many of us leave our footwear at the main door, which is entirely wrong according to the Vastu. Leaving footwear at the entrance attracts negative vibes and at the same time clutter at the main door won’t make your guests feel any good.

Bring a Buddha statue

Buddha is a sign of peace and harmony. Keeping a Buddha statue will not only invite good vibes, harmony, and peace in your home but will also up your decor game. You can place the Buddha statue in your drawing room or garden.

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