Useful Tips for Students Going to Appear in JEE Main 2020

JEE Main March 2020 just passed by and only a couple of months are remaining in JEE Main April 2020. Thus the preparation for JEE Main preparation must be at its peak, and the students would be busy revising the syllabus. Thus the aspirants of JEE must be cautious since it would be the second chance to balance through JEE Main 2020. One of the tougher paper of entrance examination, especially when it will decide your exam-taking eligibility for JEE Advanced 2020. Therefore we have brought some useful tips for students going to appear in JEE Main 2020, from one of the eminent mentors of JEE Coaching Mr Pramod Maheshwari. He is an IITian, distinguished academician and the founder and Managing Director of Career Point Ltd. He asserts that in his 26 years of mentoring experience he has observed that the students underperform due to carelessness. Despite having a hold on the JEE syllabus, thus they should identify their areas of mistakes. He further puts up a few useful tips for students going to appear in JEE Main 2020, under certain categories.

Revision related tips

The candidates of JEE Main should start brushing up the previously studied portion when they are just a month away from the JEE Main. As it will help them improve the range of questions that they can attempt. Do not remain stuck in the lengthy questions, and practice more and more multiple types of questions.

Tips for Students to attempt questions paper of JEE Main 2020

To bring out the best result, the students need to follow a proper strategy while attempting questions paper of JEE Main 2020.  For which you can use tips from Mr Maheshwari as mentioned below.

Firstly comprehend the given problem clearly and try to extract the given data and conditions of the problem given in the JEE Main question paper. Try to reflect back and think that whether you have ever solved the problem during your preparatory phase or not. According to that, try to develop a plan of action to solve it. Work on the strategy that would work better in the given situation of the problem. Solve the problem and cross-check your steps quickly.

Sometimes students get confused with the data like that of constants needed to solve numerical. So if the value of the constants is given in the question itself, then use it in solving the given numerical. If you find value not mentioned in the paper, then use the one that you remember.

In case you find any question hard to solve, then try to leave and don’t remain stuck in it, as it will kill your limited time. Move forward and leave them for the end moments, and try to solve them if you are left with any time at last. It can be easily done in the computer-based tests, as the online paper allows you to easily mark a particular question for review. Thus it would be ok if you skip the question that you are unable to solve in a reasonable time. Since pushing yourself harder to solve all the questions hurriedly will surely increase the chances of error. So it is better to solve fewer questions that will only add up positive marks to your JEE Main score.

Also, as you know, the JEE Main has negative marking for wrong answers. Thus you need to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts as it will prove to be crucial if you go for the risk and do guesses based on logic. Although it’s advisable to not do guess if you feel that it may lead to the negative marking, as despite adding few marks to your score it will lessen some. Interestingly, it may seem to be a general tip but it generally left unsaid.

However, it would be hard to incorporate all the above-mentioned tips in the examination, unless you are used to the exam like situation. For which you can take the help of the JEE Main online test series, to help you get used to the examination paper and its testing format. Also, to get used to and become comfortable with the online testing format of the JEE Main 2020, that will be done in CBT mode. And when you happen to appear for an online test for JEE Main, practice all the aforementioned tips, and turn them into your habit.

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