Admission Process of Yangzhou University

Yangzhou University (YZU) is a key far reaching commonplace college, who spearheaded in China in the converging of organization of higher learning. The university was set up in 1992 as a merger of the 6 schools in particular agricultural college of Jiangsu, teachers college in Yangzhou, and engineering college in Yangzhou, water conservancy engineering college of Jiangsu, medical college of Yangzhou, and business school of Jiangsu.

Application for Long – Term Programs for More than One Year or Above –

After getting a composed application and you need to file the application form for international students in the international office will give a visa application structure and the admission notice to the conceded candidates. With the 2 reports, the candidate can go to closest Chinese international safe haven or department or office general to get the visa endorsement. The candidates who expect to go to China for over a quarter of a year must present a duplicate of physical examination record of foreigners with the full lab report.

Application Requirements for Study at Yangzhou University China –

Under – Graduation Degree – The high school graduates, under 30 sound. The candidates for science majors are required to breeze through the placement tests sorted out by the ministry of education with a base complete score of 180 for the 3 subjects of arithmetic, material science, and science. The candidates for human sciences, expressions, and sports are required to finish the placement tests directed by the college. Upon graduation, the students will be given a degree of bachelor’s qualification.

Graduate Degree – The university graduates, younger than 40, solid. Testament to degree of bachelor’s, transcript of scholarly records, and letters of proposal from 2 teachers ought to be submitted. The proposal arrangement can go before simply after culmination of one year obviously studies and passing all assessments. Endorsed by the academic committee of Yangzhou University (YZU), the students will be presented a graduate degree upon graduation.

Doctoral Degree Programs – The postgraduates who are younger than 45 and sane. Endorsement of the degree of master’s, transcript of scholarly records and letters of suggestion from 2 educators ought to be submitted. The students will be enlisted as cutting edge learners and will become doctoral competitors simply in the wake of breezing through the tests led by the college. With theory affirmed by the academic committee of Yangzhou University (YZU), the students will be met with a doctoral certificate upon graduation.

Affirmation or Admission Procedures for MBBS in Yangzhou University China

  1. Complete the application form for study MBBS in Yangzhou University China (YZU) and submit it with the necessary documents.
  2. In the wake of auditing the application and sign materials, Yangzhou University (YZU) will send the conditional offer and return receipt to qualified candidates.
  3. Complete the conditional offer and send it to college for overseas education.
  4. Give application form to study at Yangzhou University China (YZU) printed copy and pertinent materials (unique). Candidates who have studied for over a half year must give foreigner physical examination record.
  5. Candidates who apply for postdoctoral investigation must give the verification of abroad scholastic confirmation or admission gave by ministry of education of the people’s republic of China.
  6. Make installment of the 400 RMB enrollment charge by bank move, and so on.
  7. In the wake of accepting the records referenced above and enlistment charge, college for overseas education will send visa application form (JW202) and admission notice to qualified candidates.
  8. Register with Admission Notice and important materials.
  9. Pay the education cost, settlement charge and purchase the protection for remote students.
  10. Enlistment of your name is the final step to study MBBS in China at Yangzhou University (YZU).

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