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Advantages of Crizal Lenses

Crizal Lenses

Siddharth Opticals is a taking part as a Crizal Lenses dealer and is one of the leading optical online shopping stores. As independent Eyecare Professionals, we provide eye patients of all ages the benefits of superior prescription lenses that not only defend against scratches and smudges but protects the eye with its proprietary Eye protect System™.

Our native optometrists advocate Crizal lenses to all our eye patients in need of prescription eyewear so as to attain clearer vision and overall well being for years to return.

Benefits of Crizal Lenses

Essilor is a leader in visual health (with over 160 years of innovation) and is the parent company for Crizal lenses. Each year, Essilor allocates over $250 million to analyze in order to form prescription eyewear that’s tailored to individual wants and lifestyles. this implies that Crizal eyeglass lenses lead the market in leading-edge technology that not solely helps you see better but also protects your eyes for years to return.

Crizal Eye protect System™

Crizal leads the market in protecting your eyes against light-weight that may damage your vision – both invisible UV and visual blue-violet light. All Crizal eyeglass lenses block a minimum of 200th of harmful blue light and provide a minimum E-SPF 25. The short-run advantages of Crizal’s Eye protect System™ embrace reducing digital eyestrain and rising overall well being mood, and cognitive performance. As for long-run advantages, the eye protects System™ will help defend against premature aging of the eyes and eye diseases like cataracts and age-related devolution.

Crizal Scratch Resistant

SR Booster™ technology protects specs lenses from scratches and general wear and tear, providing long run sturdiness by optimizing the interaction between the layers of the lens. This strengthens the lens as a full and provides superior scratch resistance.

Crizal Glare Reduction

The skinny layers of Crizal lenses help fight the bright light from interfering with the service of the eyeglass lens, preventing eye strain and potential headaches. Glare reduction ends up in the clarity of vision, reduced glare once driving in the dead of night, and protection from distracting reflections.

Crizal anti Smudge

Crizal’s proprietary HSD Process™ helps maintain the clearest vision possible throughout the day with a lens that protects against smudges and is easy and simple to wash.

Crizal dirt Repellent

Exclusive technology creates an anti-static layer that repels dust and dirt away from the eyeglass lens.

Crizal Water Repellence

Crizal lens minimizes water drops from sticking or dropping to the lens whereas Slide-FX™ technology causes water to create into tiny drops and roll right off the lens.

Crizal ultraviolet light protecting Lenses

Crizal eyeglass lenses are distinctive in this its proprietary Broad Spectrum Technology™ blocks ultraviolet light rays mirrored into the eye from the rear of the lens. Transparency isn’t compromised! only Crizal lenses provide the most effective ultraviolet light protection on the market.

Crizal Blue light Protection (UV)

Crizal Prevencia lenses provide protection against harmful blue-violet lights mirrored from digital devices like your tablet, phone, or laptop, which may prevent fatigue and premature aging of the eyes.

Crizal Coating for Glasses

The Crizal Family of monocle lenses is intended for all lifestyles! talk to Siddharth Opticals’ trusted eyewear specialists to search out what kind of Crizal lens is best for you.

Siddharth Opticals offers you an effective solution for your eyesight so that you can protect your eyes and keep them healthy. You can get here the best eyeglass for your eyes.

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