June 17, 2024

Best Cargo or Haulage Trucks in India

A cargo truck, otherwise called a haulage truck, is normally utilized for the transportation of substantial products (cargo) from one highlights the other. These trucks serve their utility in an assortment of ventures including the mining business, development business, rural area and machine transportation. In this article, we will get to know the best cargo trucks in India by top business vehicle producers.

Tata LPT 3718

The price range for Tata LPT 3718 starts at Rs. 31.51 Lakh, with 2 variants available in the Indian market. . This truck has a 6-chamber, 5883 cc, Cummins iSBE 5.9 180 40 BS-IV Common Rail motor pulsating at its heart. The truck shows a most extreme force of 175 bhp at 2500 rpm, and a pinnacle force of 700 Nm at 1200-1700 rpm. The most extreme payload bearing limit of this truck is recorded as 27,405 kg. The truck can run at the greatest speed of 78 kmph on a gas tank of 400 litres. You can know more about this truck at Tata Motors Dealers in Chandigarh or anywhere nears you.

Tata Ultra 1918.T


In the medium-duty cargo truck class, Tata Motors offers various items that take into account diverse client profiles. Tata Ultra 1918 is a productive truck that accompanies an advanced, more secure and jazzy Ultra lodge stage. This 18,500 kg gross vehicle weight medium-obligation unbending truck conveys now get the strong, all-around refined BS6 motor. This contemporary truck is evaluated in the scope of ₹ 24.57 – ₹ 27.03 lakh.

BharatBenz 3123R

BharatBenz 3123R

Priced at Rs. 22.27 Lakh, BharatBenz 3123R is one more incredible pick from the variety of BharatBenz trucks. It is controlled by a BS-IV consistent, 6-chamber, 6372 cc, de175bs4 motor that creates the greatest force of 231.2 bhp at 2200 rpm, and a most extreme force of 850 Nm at 1200-1600 rpm. The truck has a noteworthy payload limit of 22,750 kg, with the greatest speed of 80 kmph. As far as eco-friendliness, this cargo truck can take on significant distances effortlessly on a 380 litre gas tank.


Power SHAKTIMAN 400 beginnings at a value scope of Rs. 7.5 Lakh. The truck accompanies a BS-IV consistent, 4-chamber, 2596cc, FM 2.6 cr normal rail motor that produces the greatest force of 67 bhp at 2800 rpm, and a most extreme force of 250 Nm at 1400-2400 rpm. The truck can convey a most extreme heap of 3,620 kg. SHAKTIMAN 400 has a gas tank limit of 70 litres.

Tata Signa 4923.S

The value range for Tata Signa 4923.S begins at Rs. 31.45 Lakh. With a wide assortment of uses, this truck is upheld by a 6-chamber, 5883 cc, and Cummins iSBE 5.9 230 motors. Signa 4923.S shows a most extreme force of 230 bhp at 2500 rpm, and a pinnacle force of 850 Nm at 1300-1800 rpm. The most extreme burden that can be conveyed by this cargo truck is 40,720 kg at a maximum velocity of 82.6 kmph. It comes fitted with a 400 litre gas tank.

BharatBenz 2523R

BharatBenz 2523R

BharatBenz 2523R has a value range beginning from Rs. 21.17 Lakh. This haulage truck has a BS-IV agreeable, 6.3-liter, DE175BS4 engine fitted in the engine. The payload limit of this truck is 17,100 kg.

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