June 17, 2024
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10 Best Logo Maker & Logo Generator Sites To Try In 2024

In today’s scenario, a logo is kept on the utmost priority in a business’s success list. Since it is the first thing people see about your product or service, designing a professional logo becomes a crucial step in the branding process. Now to get it done, businesses either hire the logo design company, a freelance designer, or resort to the online logo maker platforms. While big businesses are able to work with design agencies or freelancers, small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs prefer to choose online logo maker tools.

And why not! These logo generator tools are not just the cheapest options available but also get things done really easily and quickly. As a matter of fact, these logo maker tools are available in abundance and hence can confuse businesses while making a choice.

Therefore, to help you make the best decision, we have made a list of the best logo makers and generator sites, you must try in 2023.

10 Best Logo Maker & Logo Generator Sites To Try In 2024

Before you make a choice, you must know what is a logo maker tool.

Well, a logo maker tool or website is a user-friendly web-based application that helps create personal or commercial logos in no time. It primarily gathers details from the users about their businesses and preferences and then outputs logos based on those inputs. The most popular logo maker tools consist of a collection of design templates, images, icons, font styles, and logotypes. Some of the tools are free to use while others require a fee to download the finalized logo designs.

Pay attention to the following things while choosing a logo maker that can best cater to your needs.

  • Ease

Logo makers should be easy to use since this is why some of the users resort to these tools rather than hiring logo design agencies. A logo generator tool with a simple interface will make it easy for beginners to create the necessary design in a limited time.

  • Price

While some logo maker tools are absolutely free of cost, others charge a fee to download high-resolution logo files. Based on the budget limitations of your business, you can compare the plans and decide which software you can go with.

  • Customization

A number of logo maker tools provide various customization features, drag and drop interfaces, and a huge library of design elements. On the other hand, there are some that have limited features and leave users with not many available options to choose from. Well, if you are using a logo design tool for your business logo and not getting the most out of it, then using it makes no good sense. Hence, try to opt for tools that offer at least a moderate amount of customization features.

Now that you know pretty much about the logo generator tools, it’s time to go through the best ones that you should try in 2023 to give your brand the personality it needs. Let jump to the following section further.

10 Best Logo Maker Sites

  1. Canva

Canva is an easy-to-go graphic design and logo maker website. Its versatile capabilities let users create stunning designs from scratch, real quick. Primarily free, it has premium features too for novice and professional designers wanting to extract the best out of it. Access over 100+ free stock high-quality templates for various layouts, social media platforms, and design requirements. Create designs and download them in SVG, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. Also, share them with your friends and teams on social media platforms. Not just that, you can also use its mobile app for limited logo generating and other design needs.

  1. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is another easy-to-use and quick logo generator tool. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it has a lot of useful design features to play with. All you have to do is enter your business name & details, choose logotype, color, and font type. Choose from the numerous logos generated automatically, or edit them if required. Design as many logos as you want. You will only pay when you need to download the high-quality design. Free samples, in low-quality, can also be downloaded. Besides, Tailor Brands also provides branding solutions ranging from printed merchandise to business stationery, and presentations.

  1. LogoMaker

Logomaker is a great choice for users wanting to design logos at reasonable costs. It is another effortless and easy-to-use software that comes with a huge library of fonts, colors, layouts, graphics, etc. Although free, Logomaker gives its users limited logo design customization features. Watch the tutorial video or go through the tooltips to guide yourself towards designing. Once you create a logo design, you can easily save and/or download it in no time.

  1. Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace is one of the simplest logo maker tools, hence a great choice for beginners or novice designers. It does not come with an inventory of templates or pre-existing designs. In fact, users get a basic editor, where they can add text, choose fonts, select sizes and choose from the collection of icons, Once you are done designing, you can easily view and edit your logo on websites, business stationery, and printed merchandise. Although it is a free tool, you can get paid membership to download high-quality files.

  1. DesignHill Logo Maker

DesignHill is another amazing logo maker tool that has a collection of over 1000 logo designs and elements. All you need to do is choose from the numerous fonts, icons, colors, and industries to create the logo that meets best your requirements. Once you are done designing, create an account, pick your favorite design and then purchase it to get a high-quality logo. Download files in low-resolution PNG, vector EPS, and SVG formats. Although it is easy to create the logo quickly with this tool, customization is not available unless you have made a purchase.

  1. Hatchful

Hatchful is an easy-to-go and intuitive logo generator, specifically designed for mobile devices both Android and iOS. The tool by Shopify uses machine learning to provide users with a number of design choices. It is an extremely useful software for beginners having no prior skills. It comes with a huge library of templates, that lets you create a logo in no time. Choose the industry, font, colors, and it will create a number of logo variations for you. You can also download logos for various social media platforms free of cost. You will only be charged if you go with one of the premium logo templates.

  1. Looka

Looka is another free-to-try software to generate well-designed logo designs. It comes with a large variety of logo options, icons, fonts, symbols, etc. It offers users social media kit that includes over 40 logo files designed for various social media platforms. Besides, users can design websites, business cards, stationery, and printed merchandise, etc. Users only have to pay when they want to download the logo file. Although it comes with limited editing features, it is much popular amongst beginners due to the good quality logo results.

  1. LogoYes

LogoYes is one of the easiest logo maker tools that lets you create a basic logo in minimum time. It takes no special efforts of the users. You just get a blank canvas where you add text, icons, colors, and resize, rotate, flip, and reposition elements to design a logo. There is no registration fee to create designs. You only pay a minimum fee to download high-quality logo files. Since it does not come with any special editing features and users can only use one icon per logo, it is majorly used by beginners.

  1. Wix

Wix is a beginner-friendly drag and drop logo generator website. It is also one of the most used platforms for logo creation. Reply to a few questions about your preferences and the website will give you a number of logos. Also, access free customizable logos with complete commercial rights to be used for business. Design as many logos as you want with this free tool, and pay only when you want to go with the best choice of logo. If you don’t want to print logos, you also download PNG files for free to be used on your blog, social media platforms, and YouTube Channel.

  1. Logaster

Logaster is among the best input-based logo makers that produce outstanding designs quite quickly. This tool is best for corporate logos and can be effectively used by beginners with limited skills. You simply have to give your business’s details, industry type, font, logo style, colors, and other preferences to get the logo cooked up. You can get multiple layouts to serve different requirements like business stationery, and merchandise, etc. Get free low-quality files for free. While. download high-resolution customized images/files as zip files by paying affordable charges.

Final Words

We hope that after looking at the above logo makers and generators, you would be able to know what tools will suit your preferences the best. However, if you face issues in designing the logo and want someone else to do the work, you can always resort to the best logo design firms near you. You may get some good options and a lot of great insights into the logo design if you prefer to choose the other road.

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