June 18, 2024

List Of 10 Best Places in Cambridge

There is much more to tasteful and historical Cambridge than punting down the River Cam or touring some of England’s most prestigious (and amazing ) college schools.

From rooftop bars to traditional tea rooms and local craft markets, here are our recommendations for making the most of your time in Cambridge.

1. The Orchard Tea Garden

Even the English tea and traditional sticky buns in Fitzbillies are world-famous, so to enjoy your cuppa at a smoother, more serene setting, visit the Grantchester region and pull up a seat at The Orchard Tea Garden. Best paired with a massive piece of home-baked cake, of course!

2. Punting

Though climbing aboard one of Cambridge’s shallow wooden ships is much from a hidden jewel — it is completely iconic, actually — one way to escape the crowds is to go punting from the winter. You won’t need to await a ship to become free, costs are more economical, and that the English countryside sparkles on frosty mornings.

3. The Varsity Hotel Roof Bar

On bright evenings, the rooftop bar at The Varsity Hotel is difficult to beat. The patio overlooks many of the town’s architectural treasures, including a range of churches and several historic college buildings. It is ideal to get there early to secure your place throughout the summer, then delight in a couple of hours sipping a drink and enjoying the Cambridge skyline!

4. All Saints Garden Art and Craft Market

Each Saturday, the All Saints Garden on Trinity Street hosts one of Cambridge’s greatest craft markets. You will find everything from handmade ceramics and jewellery to home-baked products and one of a kind art pieces and pieces. It is the ideal place to get a souvenir and encourage Cambridge’s local manufacturers. Know everything about Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy before booking a flight to Cambridge.

5. Hidden Rooms

We could not depart Hidden Rooms our listing of hidden jewels, could we? This snug cocktail lounge is tucked away from the cellar of a classic Victorian bathhouse, concealed from the road behind a typical, unmarked door. The exclusive-feeling pub also hosts live music nights, cocktail-making occasions and is an excellent spot to get a drink if you are trying to spoil.

6. Cambridge Food Park

Screw bringing sandwiches or going into a favourite café series, for the most effective on-the-go lunches from town, monitor the Food Park dinner markets. Open in various places on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; you will be spoiled for choice with a few of Cambridge’s best food trucks dishing up everything from tender steamed bao along with wood-fired pizzas to Sri-Lankan cuisine and rich burritos.

7. The St Radegund

Pubs are a massive part of English civilization, and Cambridge is among the nation’s most historic cities! Step back in time and revel in a beverage or two at the smallest bar in town; exactly what it lacks in size it makes up for in charisma. The St Radegund is an old-world pub oozing personalities, such as walls with faculty sporting memorabilia and a raincheck convention, which lets you purchase a drink for a person to pick up at a later date — or be purchased one!

8. Mathematical Bridge

Everybody understands Cambridge’s Bridge of Sighs, therefore rather set off in search of their Mathematical bridge. This historical wooden footpath joins two components of Queen’s College, split from the River Cam, also continues to be sophistically designed using maths. Once it seems to arch, it is constructed from natural timbers.

9. Corpus Clock & Chronophage

While we are on the subject of incredible technology, the Corpus hitter & Chronophage is a mind-blowing mechanical clock positioned at Corpus Christi College. Therefore it’s no amounts; blue LED lights that glow through moving concentric metallic bands are utilized to demonstrate the passing of time. The clock is well known for its irregularity — it is just completely true after every five minutes — but its manufacturer says this reflects the irregularity of existence. Spy it out to the Taylor Library in Corpus Christi College.

10. Stem and Glory

The very definition of lip-smacking, this restaurant has won awards for its tasty beef menu, with dishes created with fresh, local ingredients. Serving breakfast, lunch, brunch, lunch and dinner, visit Stem and Glory for many of your plant-based culinary demands. A choice of sausage cocktails, beers and wines will also be available throughout the evenings.

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