Best Treks to do in Uttarakhand

Best Treks in Uttarakhand

As we all know, all our planes and trips in 2020 were robbed by Coronavirus. Therefore, we all have eyes fixated on 2021, where we expect many adventurous opportunities to knock at our door. With the approach of India’s summer season, a Himalayan destination like Uttarakhand gives practically every trek in the state the maximum chance of adventure.

So we look forward to 2021 and discover what adventure it is! We are looking forward to it! The lovely Rhododendron orchards in Uttarakhand; the cool dawn and daybreak; the temple bells; the fresh air and the aroma of Maggi, which has been made, have a pleasant trekking year somewhere.

This Northern India summer adventure holiday destination in 2021 gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy Uttarakhand’s best trekking experience on simple, moderate, and difficult paths, beautiful as well as informative.

The Uttarakhand summer season runs from March to the middle of June. Trekking to major holy sites such as Kedarnath and Gangotri or popular treks like Chopta Chandrashila can even be arranged or to lesser-known trekking tours such as Panwali Kanthas. That is why you have to use this adventurous state for the next trekking season 2021.

Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha Peak is one of India’s most sought-after snow tour sites. It is adorned with the beauty of falling stoves and lined with pine trees. With falling winter snow, it is a fantastic pictorial image, and the view of the powerful Himalayas from the paths up to the peak is more enticing.

This is a good hiking track at a height of around 3810 meters, covering a cohesive 20 km stretch. The track is not very distant, and neither is it very tough, allowing even the first-time trekking tourists to take advantage of the adventure and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

With lovely and enchanting snow-clapped views. The Kedarkantha Trek is not just a perfect place for adventure and hiking, for thrilling challenges; it is a natural destination, where nature lovers may relax and enjoy beautiful and happy times with exciting experiences. Kedarkantha Walk is located in Western Garhwal, Uttarakashi.

The trek is considered one of the easier treks in the country, attended by experts and unaware of past hiking. Fitness is nevertheless necessary when you can jog at least 4 kilometers in 30 minutes before committing to the hiking tour. The air gets slim and individuals get new when the height rises.

Har Ki Dun Trek

They say Har Ki Dun is a ‘Heavenly Stairway.’ It is true that this is the lovely nature trail to the Swargarohini peak, following the Pandavas. The best summer hike in Uttarakhand’s Himalayas between the months of March and June is offbeat, unpetrified, and extremely picturesque Har Ki Dun.

Har Ki Dun, which can be reached through old settlements dating back to 3000 years, is accessible from Govind Pashu Vihar in Garhwal. It is an area of alpine pastures, glacier basins, moraine hills, and pine forests.

The trail offers a fantastic perspective of the Himalayan peaks, such as Bandarpunch, Black peak, 6387, and Ruinsara Peak. The hiking route travels along the Supin River, where one can cross tracks of wild creatures like black bears and swamp deer.

It’s a cradle-shaped valley. The Himalayan Monal is probably sighted on the tour which begins from a relatively little village, Sankri, including Uttarakhand’s State Bird. Har ki Dun provides one of the finest Himalayan walking and nature trips and should thus be listed.

Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

As Nanda Devi is considered one of the world’s most magnificent mountains, its base camp is the top trek in Uttarakhand. On this journey, starting in the Upper Kumaon area, you have the possibility to reach the Nanda Devi Mountain’s twin peaks as the Nanda Devi Inner Shrine is closed to guests and would have been the closest to the second-highest mountain in India otherwise.

This is a demanding hike for savvy hikers that last 14 grueling days in order to have a lovely glimpse of the less-pierced and weird region of Uttarakhand. Nanda Devi East Base Camp is a perfect choice.

A number of switchbacks could be expected throughout this trip between Oak and deodar and narrow ridges. You can also pay tribute to the Temple of Nanda Devi, which stands in the shadow of this magnificent summit in Martelli.

The path also passes through birch trees and rhododendron forests, where the amazing vistas may blend your heart. On the last stretch of the walk, you have to cross multiple ice bridges and rocks, although you could compare everything you had to go through with the view of the spectacular Nanda Devi poster.

Gangotri – Gaumukh Trek

What is more interesting than the origins of India’s most holy river, the Ganga. It is enough to pick Gangotri – Gaumukh Walk, but you will fall in love with this trek for numerous additional reasons.

From one of Uttarakhand’s most popular places in the world, Gangotri, this is an amazing hike that offers a dreamlike perspective of Mt. Shivling (6543 meters), Mt. Meru (6660 meters), and the Sudarshan Parbat (6507m).

On this difficult path that travels through tight and large valleys, the Bhagirathi River continually leads you. This journey is worth repeating in Uttarakhand, and every time you try it.

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