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Super Healthy Seeds

More and more people are eating seeds as they are filled with health. Seeds are added to different dishes so that one can have them in their everyday meals. Some of you might be interested in knowing about which are the seeds that one can have are and what are the health benefits of these seeds.

1. Chia Seeds:

These seeds have antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, iron and calcium. They also contain proteins. These seeds are good for the heart. These seeds are also good for diabetic patients and obese people. Many people buy chia seeds online as they help in controlling weight and they also help in improving the complexion.

2. Sunflower Seeds:

People who buy nuts and seeds online normally order sunflower seeds. These seeds contain B complex vitamins. These vitamins are useful for the nervous system. They also have vitamin E, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorous etc. These seeds are said to be good for bone health. These seeds contain antioxidants and hence it is effective in the case of inflammation. These seeds are also very good for the heart. They are also good for the skin and help in keeping stress away.

3. Flax Seeds:

These seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids, lignans, fibre etc. They may be useful in maintaining proper cholesterol levels and they also help in controlling the blood pressure. Since this is a rich source of fibre it helps in maintaining proper bowel movements. They are also said to be useful in weight control, controlling blood sugar levels etc.

4. Pumpkin Seeds:

These seeds contain protein, iron, magnesium, B vitamins etc. They also have other nutrients like zinc, manganese, copper etc. They are also said to have anti-inflammatory properties. They are said to be good for the heart. These seeds are good for diabetic patients. They also help in improving sleep. These seeds help in building immunity. Pumpkin seeds are good for the hair and they also help in losing weight.

5. Alfalfa Seeds:

These are the musk melon seeds. These seeds contain different vitamins and antioxidants. These seeds are said to be good for the eyes. These seeds help in maintaining proper blood cholesterol levels. These seeds are also believed to be beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer. They are also helpful in preventing hypertension as they contain potassium. They are also said to be useful in weight loss.

Order All These Seeds At The Earliest:

If you are truly concerned about the health of your family then make sure that you include these seeds in your daily diet. You can easily add these seeds to different dishes. You can even roast and eat some of the seeds. Some seeds can like pumpkin seeds can also be eaten raw.

There are some reputed online stores which sell different types of seeds and nuts online. These online stores make sure that they provide these seeds at competitive pricing but they make no compromise with the quality of the seeds.


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