May 26, 2024
Best Ways to Start Career After Long Break

5 Best Ways to Start Career After Long Break in 2024

The modern job market is diverse, dynamic, and evolving rapidly. The landscape of work has shifted over the years, influenced by technological advancements, changing social norms, and global events. This makes it challenging for those looking to restart their careers after a significant hiatus. However, with a strategic approach, the process can be seamless. Online degrees offer one of the most flexible and efficient solutions for such individuals. This article explores the five best ways to kick-start your career after a long break, particularly by leveraging online degrees.

Identify Your Strengths and Areas of Interest

Before diving into the job market, it’s crucial to understand your strengths and passions. Reflect on your prior experiences and skills. What did you excel in? What did you enjoy? What skills are transferable to a new role? If you’re unsure, consider taking a career assessment test online. Having a clear direction will allow you to pick the right online degree or certification program. For instance, if you had prior experience in management roles, an online MBA might be a suitable choice.

Leverage Online Degrees for Skill Upgradation

The digital age has democratized education. You can access top-notch courses from prestigious institutions right from the comfort of your home. If you’ve identified a gap in your skills or a field you’re keen on transitioning into, opt for an online degree. Whether it’s an online MBA, a data science certification, or a course in digital marketing, online courses and degrees can guide you in making an informed choice.


Networking is a powerful tool in the job search process. Start by reconnecting with former colleagues, employers, and industry contacts. Inform them about your intention to return to work and the online degrees or certifications you’ve acquired during your break. Platforms like LinkedIn can be a boon in this regard. Furthermore, online degree programs often provide networking opportunities with peers, alumni, and industry professionals. Utilize these platforms to expand your professional circle and get referrals.

Consider Internships or Volunteer Work

If you’re hesitant to jump straight into a full-time role, consider internships or volunteer positions. They allow you to ease into the professional world, get a feel for current industry trends, and gather recent work experience. This can also provide you with real-world applications of the knowledge you’ve gained from your online degrees, bolstering your resume.

Prepare and Practice

Once you’re ready to apply for jobs, ensure your resume is updated. Highlight the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired through your online MBA or other degrees. Showcase any projects or case studies you’ve undertaken. Be prepared to address the career break in interviews confidently. Emphasize the proactive steps you took during your hiatus, especially the online degrees or certifications you pursued. Mock interviews can help in refining your approach.


Re-entering the workforce after a long break can seem daunting. However, with the right strategies, a growth mindset, and the power of online degrees, you can navigate this transition with confidence. Remember, it’s never too late to learn, evolve, and start anew. So, whether it’s an online MBA or another course that aligns with your career aspirations, embrace the digital age of education and set yourself up for success.

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