June 17, 2024

Choosing a Business Name for the Handyman

Welcome back to the second part of the series where we talk aboutchoosing a business namefor individuals offering handyman services in Australia. Having already looked at the marketing aspects of business names, we now move onto important considerations surrounding your choice and what you should do if you still haven’t found the perfect identity.

Choosing a Business Name for Online Use

When choosing a business name for your handyman business, remember to think about the many different ways in which your customers will find you. Today, more and more consumers lift up the lids of their laptops to find products and services than ever before and things are unlikely to be different when they look for handyman services.

Before registering a business name, check to see if the domain name for it is available. Most domain providers offer a free search tool on their websites. If the domain you need isn’t available, you should seriously reconsiderchoosing a business namewhere you can market online with a universal identity.

One thing to add; before you finalise your identity, think about your target market. As a handyman, your customers are most likely going to be homeowners with an age range of between 35 and 60. Many will be female because most men don’t like to admit defeat in carrying out their own repair and maintenance work. Make sure your business name resonates with the people you target.

Still Stuck? Try our Brainstorming Tips!

If the entire process of choosing a business name for your handyman services isn’t reaping the rewards you might have expected, don’t give up just yet. Brainstorming is a great way to come up with inspirational identities and if you enlist the help of family and friends (or even your prospects), you should be able to stumble across something that’s absolutely perfect.

  1. Write down as many tools and materials as possible that you might use when you are working. If your handyman services are aimed toward decorating, you could choose words such as paint, brush, plaster or wallpaper. If you choose “The Painting Handyman” as a business name, your customers will know exactly what you do when they find your name listed.
  2. List words and phrases that describe how your services are delivered. These might include speedy, professional, advanced or experienced. Although these words might not be easy to fit into a business name, they should help you to analyse your final choices. If you want to come across as professional but your business name sounds anything but, it probably isn’t the perfect choice after all.
  3. Use a thesaurus to look for synonyms of all the words you have listed this far. You are a handyman, not a walking dictionary, so there’s a good chance that you’ve missed out on quite a few possibilities within your original list. When choosing a business name, make sure you have as much diversity and as many words listed as possible.
  4. Start combining words together and see what you come up with as a group. A list of thirty or more names won’t be unusual but only a handful will really appeal. Create a shortlist, carry out a vote and the name that has the most popular consensus will almost certainly be the best for your business.

Choosing a business namefor handyman services requires time and effort, not least because many Australians have already ventured into this marketplace and many of the more obvious options are taken. Establishing your own identity requires time, effort and patience but by focusing on the important aspects that make a great business name, and by utilising the methods behind them, you should be able to find something perfect for your enterprise.

By itself, choosing a business name that epitomises the work of a handyman won’t be the be-all-and-end-all of your operational strategy. However, you could find that marketing is more difficult if you choose something that is wholly inappropriate.

Choosing a Business Name and Marketing

Business names and marketing go hand in hand and if you choose the right identity as a handyman, developing a local brand that inspires trust and confidence amongst prospects is easier than it might initially appear. Applying the following principles helps inchoosing a business namethat epitomises everything about the services you provide.


Call it unique, catchy, memorable or whatever. A business name that snatches attention will encourage prospects to find out more so look for something that really sticks inside their heads. Although there is nothing wrong in using your own name and your key services within a name (Jack Weaver Handyman Services, for example), it is unlikely to help your business grow.


If it isn’t easy to say, and if it isn’t easy to spell, don’t expect people to recommend your services even if they have used and enjoyed them in the past. Customers rarely suggest an unpronounceable name and prospects looking for you by name through a search engine might not be able to find you either. Keep spelling and word choices as simple as possible when choosing a business name.


Because handymen work within a service industry, their business names should always indicate exactly what they do even when the job title isn’t used directly. Clear and concise ideas that describe the business model work well and examples such as “Handyjobs” or “The HandyPros” should attain instant market recognition.


Choosing a business namethat clearly indicates that your handyman services are aimed at a certain market dramatically increases your business profile. If garden clearance is your speciality, use it within a name (“The Garden Wizard”, for example). The same might apply for an appliance repair specialist (“Handy Fixes”) or a handyman offering refurbishment services (“The Decor Man”).

Geographical targeting can also help because most handyman services are delivered locally. In most cases, you’ll probably find that the business name you first think of is already registered so if you live in Sydney, don’t expect to find “Sydney Handyman Services” available. Trust us – we checked and it isn’t!

Don’t despair and, instead, try to be more specific when choosing a business name built on a geographical location. You will probably get just as much business trading across Sydney as “The Burwood Heights Handyman” as you would if you were trading under an identity that encompasses the entire city.


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