Wedding Saree Style To Look Attractive On Your Special Day

The most special day of one’s life i.e. a wedding is a very special occasion. We start preparing for it several months in advance. Because we want everything perfect for that day. From decoration to makeup and clothes and shoes are all the necessary things. But for the bride, her wedding dress is most important. Even after countless options are available, the most beautiful wedding dress is confusing.

Every bride has the desire to have the most beautiful wedding dress. In search of your dream dress, you don’t know how many shops you go to and try every style.

I know you would like to go with the trend. Everyone wants an outfit in which they can have perfect brides. But before buying a wedding dress you should keep many things in mind.

You should take a dress keeping in mind your skin tone, body shape, and personality. I know it is not easy. But if you want to look good and perfect, then you have to do it.

Of course, you do not want to be in your marriage. Therefore, apart from keeping color, design, and style in mind, there are many things that you should think about. We are going to tell you something about things to keep in mind before buying a wedding dress. All these things will help you to overcome the confusion of the wedding dress to a great extent.

Traditional Costume

I know you want to dress in the color that goes with the trend. But is that right with your skin tone? Traditional designs for a traditional wedding can make you look very beautiful. Different culture designs are also different, if you buy something keeping them in mind, then you will be able to get a good attire look.

Partner coordinated Dress

Do not always buy a dress that suits you only. Both of you should coordinate and get the dress. That is, some design and color must match in your dress. With this, you also look like a perfect couple and at the same time, you look very good in wedding photography.


Keeping a budget with any dress is extremely important. We know that you want to look very special on your special dress and are ready to pay any price for it. But we are not doing you to waste extra money. You just need to do more research. Because you will find many such places, from where you can get a good wedding dress even at low prices.

Well fitted

I think it is very important for a dress to fit well. Whenever you get the dress is sewn or its blouse design made, try it so that you do not have any problem wearing it on the wedding day. This dress is very special for you, so do not be careless.


Along with the wedding dress, jewelry is also an important part of your look. It works to make your dress even more attractive and attractive. Do not buy jewelry before the wedding dress. It is better that you choose jewellery according to the color combination of your wedding dress.

In some parts of India, wedding sarees are preferred over lehngas. Especially in many areas of the south of India. Apart from this, in many places, the wedding is done in saree only.

8 different styles of wedding sarees

If you think the saree is of only one style, then you are wrong. There are many styles of wedding sarees in India, many unique designs are made in every part of India. Such as Athpori sarees in Bengal, Nauvari sarees from Maharashtra, Niwi drapes from Andhra. These are very unique styles that girls can wear to get the perfect look at their weddings.

Nivi draping style

It is very easy to wear saree in navy style and it gives you complete simplicity. It is one of the most commonly used styles. In this style, saree can be worn not only at weddings but also in all types of parties.

Atpoure Style Saree

The predominant style of Bengal is the wedding sarees style. It has a pleat on the front side. In this style, the pallu comes from both sides. It is a very unique style and at weddings in Bengal, it is married in this look.

Kappulu Style

This style was mostly worn by older women of the Kappulu caste. It gives a very beautiful and attractive look. If you want, you can tie the saree with this style at your wedding. Because nowadays this style is catching a trend in girls very fast.

Mekhela Chador

This style of Assam is one of the most beautiful ways. Mekhala Chadar Style likes to wear the bride of Assam. It is a very unique style and girls feel very comfortable in it. I think, at your wedding, you will love wearing this saree.

Nauvari Saree

There is no need to say much about this style. Many girls are already very familiar with this style and many like to take this look too. This is one of my favorite wedding sarees look. It is not 5 meters but nine yards sari and is worn by women of Maharashtra. It is worn around the feet like a dhoti and the top part i.e. the pallu falls like a common saree.


This saree style of Andhra Pradesh is very difficult. The way to wear it starts like a kiwi drape. In this, when plates are formed, they are folded around the body and hinged at the waist from the other end instead of the front. This saree is made of silk fabric only and has a lot of sparkles.


This style is quite popular in Tamil Nadu. Girls often use this style at weddings there. You can try it to get a very simple and elegant look.


This style is a style adopted by Karnataka women. Behind this style is the popular story of Kaveri and Agastya. It is quite a comfortable saree style. It is a Kanjeevaram saree with red and gold silk, worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony.

These are the styles of some wedding sarees, which are chosen for you from different corners of India, if you want to choose a saree for your wedding then you can choose one of these different saree styles.

Wedding saree style to look attractive on your special day

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