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Dry Fruits and Nuts- A Powerful Snack for All Time

Today’s millennial kids have inculcated the habit of eating processed foods and are under the belief that consuming dried fruits and nuts daily is of no use. But the thumb rule of healthy eating points out towards the inclusion of less processed foods and dry fruits and nuts is one such food that gives remarkable advantages to your body.

Thus we have listed down some of the reasons that help you in finding out the magic dry fruits wand on your body.


  • PROMOTE HEALTHY HEART: Dry fruits such as premium Irani pistachios increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids and prevent the risk of heart attack or stroke. These nuts contain omega-3 that avert the development of erratic rhythms and clot formation.
  • FENDS OFF CANCER: The cure of this disease lies in specialized medicinal treatment but you can do your bit of preventing it by eating an appropriate amount of dry fruits daily. Dried fruits and nuts such as premium afghani dry apricot, premium afghani black raisins are rich in fiber and phytonutrients that flush cells responsible for cancer from our body.
  • INCREASES THE LEVEL OF BLOOD IN YOUR BODY: Consuming dry fruits such as premium afghani dried figs results in increased levels of blood in your body that cures and prevents anemia.
  • REDUCES WEIGHT: Premium Irani Pistachios and premium afghani big mamra contain high dietary fibers that promote digestion, relieves constipation and prevents you from overeating by making you feel fuller. This results in reducing your waistline circumference.

Thus from helping to reduce your weight to regulating cholesterol in the blood, dried fruit and nuts act as a magical portion for your body. But one needs to watch the adequate amount of dry fruits and nuts that they consume daily. Let us have a look at the recommended amount along with their benefits:

  • 3 to 4 halves of Premium Afghani Dry Apricot reduces stress as well as the risk of cancer by destroying free radicals. It also prevents wrinkle formation and other signs of ageing.
  • 20 g of Premium Irani Pistachios, enhances coronary health by reducing the risk of old age diseases. They play an active role in regulating weight and keeps blood sugar levels under check.
  • 4 to 7 pieces of premium afghani small mamra keeps your heart healthy by regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels and maintaining blood pressure. They also help in reducing your weight.
  • A handful of premium afghani green raisins regulate your body weight by preventing constipation. They fight with cells responsible for causing cancer and act as a natural antacid.

When consumed in controlled amounts, dry fruits and nuts prove to be advantageous for your body. Induced with the benefits that this all-time powerful snack provides but are confused amongst the various brands? Don’t worry! Dry Fruits and Nuts from Fruit of Afghan is your answer. Visit to place an order and then wait for 5-7 days for delivery before hogging on to them.

Fruit of Afghan has the largest variety of dry fruits and nuts of the finest quality for the customers of India. We sell different varieties of dry fruits online at best rates.

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