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Excellent Ways of Storing Dehydrated Vegetables

Keeping the air and moisture out is one of the secrets of good dried foods. If you want to maintain the quality as well as the safety of your dried vegetables, then it is very necessary to take special care when packaging as well as storing them. Dehydrated tomato can last for up to two years but only if you store them properly. There is several ways for storing dehydrated vegetables such as glass, stainless steel or plastic airtight containers. You can also go for Vaccum packaging or can keep the food in your freezer.

One can easily avail all kinds of dehydrated vegetables from dried vegetables supplier at a cost-effective price. The dehydrated carrot manufacturers tell that if you do not store the dehydrated vegetables it can spoil all your hard work. One can easily store the dehydrated vegetables for three to six months without doing much extra care. Sich type of vegetables is said as shelf-stable which means that after storing there will be no change in the quality as well as the nutrient levels. There might be an increase in their shelf life, in case you save them wisely.

Some of the factors that affect the quality and shelf life of stored dehydrated vegetables are:

  • Temperature: The dehydrated vegetables can last for a long time if it has cool as well as stable temperature. This kind of temperature avoids the formation of mold spores and their reproduction.
  • Light: If you minimize the amount of light which is getting towards the dehydrated food, then the life and quality of stored food are increased.
  • Moisture: It is one of the vital factors which affect the storage of dehydrated vegetables. You should always store the dehydrated vegetables in the place which is away from the formation of moisture.

Products that can be used for storing dehydrated vegetables

  • Mason jars: These types of jars are perfect for storing dehydrated vegetables for daily or weekly use. The lid of mason jars can be easily screw off, while they can be easily stored in kitchen cabinets.
  • Oxygen absorbers: Using oxygen absorbers along with Manson jars is very beneficial as it is one of the stress-free methods to get rid of unwanted oxygen from the jars.
  • Mylar bags: They are perfect alternative to Manson jars that are mainly made for long term storage purposes. These bags are widely used in food industry for packaging different dehydrated vegetables. They are known for their waterproof and reflective nature which prevents light to enter the food.
  • Plastic lidded bins: The usage of these bins good for storing the pouches of Vaccum-sealed foods. These bins are perfect for storing dehydrated vegetables for a long time, while you can also store Mylar bags in them safely.
  • Feed buckets with lids: These kinds of buckets have air-tight lids. The lid of these buckets helps in keeping your stored vegetable away from bugs as well as insects.

Therefore, now maximizing the shelf life of dehydrated vegetables has become easy and does not require much effort.

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