How Did Tron Dance Act Bringing Revolution To Dance Forms?

When anyone talks about the Tron Dance, then this dance form is all about light, music, and dance. When all these three things are combined together and presented on the stage, then an amazing dance form comes forward and this form is called Tron Dance group.

When it comes to the type of dance forms, it is seen that there are many dance forms which are present in the world. But this particular new dance form is now catching everyone eyes with its beauty in the dance acts.

From where it got popular?

Tron Dance comes to existence after the science fiction film “Tron” has got released in the year 1980s. In this movie, it was shown that a computer programmer who was trapped in a software world wants to escape from that condition. In a bid to escape from that, the programmer interacts with the codes and programs of the mainframe computer. After this movie, the Tron dance acts got popular and many Tron dance group too formed in the country.

How the dance acts are done?

When it comes to the performance of this dance, it is seen that this form of dance has got an electronic feel to its performance. The costume that is used in these dance forms is designed in such a way that the costumes have got Light Emitting Device or LEDs installed in them.

With the help of these LEDs, the dance acts give a spectacular dancing effect. The dance is done in such a way that the LEDs goes for a constant switching cycle. But the moves that are done in the acts is based as per the music.  For this reason, music plays an important role when it comes to this dance act. The basic kinds of music that are used in this dance acts is EDM or Electronic Dance Music.

When it comes to the Tron Dance Group, it creates a very beautiful environment which comes in the field of performing arts. This dance is all about the combination of technology and dance in a single manner.

The popularity of this dance in India

When it comes to the dance acts, it is seen that there are many  Dance company in India,  who all do these kinds of acts. These companies come forward and perform the dance in many events and showcase the beauties of the dance via their acts.

In India, it is seen that there are many dance forms which many dancers follow. This kind of dance also has got many applause from the people of India. But with the introduction of this Tron dance form in India since some years back, it was said to have been established itself inside the dance forms of India. The people are seen to be accepting these dance forms and many dancers are now taking up this form. They are seen to be involving the acts of Tron dance in their acts and showcasing the new dimension of the dance.

From many dance companies, Glowdiators is of the Dance company India, which is famous for its Tron dance acts. These kind of dance acts are now also getting into TV commercials and TV reality shows and for these reasons, the popularity of this dance form is now increasing day by day. It is expected that the next big revolution in dance will be brought to people by this Tron dance form.

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