June 17, 2024

How Poorly Cited Sources Affects The Impact Of Your Thesis Paper?

We often believe what we have been told without researching the history of it. But you can’t apply this practice when you’re writing academic papers especially dissertation or thesis. It’s a paper that requires in-depth search, holds strong arguments, claims, evidence, and has citations on which readers can rely. When you’re writing a thesis, your intention is to form the reader’s opinion with scientific claims and sources. But if you take citation lightly, you can mislead your audience because reading forms their thoughts which later became opinions.

For example, if you’re asked to write a thesis on the habits of successful people and without going through the published journals, editions, and magazines, you cite what you thought is right. And without going in-depth about the topic, you rewrite some of the important lines which can be misleading. Now, if your readers trust you, they’ll believe your words blindly. This means your written papers have made an impact on the readers. If your words are profound and authentic then you have done a great job. But on the contrary, if your words aren’t researched well then you misled your audience which is a bad job.

So, it’s therefore very important to write after in-depth research with attributions to the authentic sources and references. If you still don’t get my point, here are some convincing arguments to know the consequences of the poorly cited thesis.

Poorly Cited Thesis Lost Your Academic Integrity

When you are chosen to write a thesis, it’s because of your academic expertise. The purpose of a thesis to connect on a broad spectrum and enlighten your readers with the right perspective. You maintain your integrity if you keep it the right way. You avoid plagiarism and you cite other’s work honestly. But if you violate the rules and hide the sources from where you’ve taken the information, you’ll get over with your audience’s trust gradually. This practice is also irreparable damage to your professional reputation. In summary, it’s never going to gain you anything.

The Lesson: Do your research well, cite the sources, and let your readers know the references that have helped you to make your thesis better.

The Value of Using Source Material in Your Paper

If you have worked with any firm that offers professional thesis writing in Pakistan, you must know how much they emphasize using the source material. It’s because it laid the foundation of your thesis. It helps people know about your research. It validates your arguments. In the body paragraph, you need to organize your ideas carefully to make sure the readers understand them. If you’re including the facts, you can’t rely on ambiguous terms such as “most,” “many,” “every,” and “all.” By talking in numbers you authenticate your points and give readers the satisfaction that what you’re saying is right. If the people understand your facts and the quotations you cite, your objective will become more clear.

The Lesson: You must learn the art of citation and how to organize the facts in your paper. It’s through proper citation that the readers won’t doubt your words.

Citation Is an Important Requirement of Your Thesis

There’s a difference between a thesis and an essay. An essay is an opinion but a thesis is the result of long research and arguments based on facts. A thesis can’t stand without credible sources, quotations from authors, and relevant examples from history. That’s the reason students struggle to write a thesis at the end of their academic year. They have the idea but don’t know how to put it all on a paper with proper formatting. That’s why the thesis has requirements. And the most important requirement is a citation. How well you cite your thesis tells about your expertise on the subject. In addition, if you want your thesis to be heard, you need to link it with examples, subject matter experts, and case studies that relate to your thesis.

The Lesson: Every university or education system has a different set of requirements for citing a thesis. You must adhere to it to make the most of your academic papers.

To Wrap It Up

There are some tips and tricks to cite a thesis well. If you’re attempting to write any thesis, you must learn how to do it well. If required, you can also take some professional help. But whatever you choose you can’t afford to miss the proper citation of your thesis as it plays a significant role.

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