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Consequences of Beard Hair Transplant Surgery?

Facial hair transplant is when hair is taken from one part of your body and is transplanted to your beard areas. Beard transplant involves two processes, which are; FUE and FUT. The FUE process is the most popular one. It involves harvesting hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them to the recipient.

FUE is less painful and does not leave you with any scars. It is also less invasive, and the outcome is always natural and permanent. The FUT method is another type of facial hair transplant. This process involves cutting a small piece of skin from the back of your scalp. This tissue is used to collect hair follicles and then transplanting them to the recipient area.

The Procedure for Facial Hair Transplant

The procedure for this process involves the following steps;


The surgeon will first shave the area where the hair is being harvested. Shaving helps the surgeon to see the hair follicles well. Before the doctor starts to collect the hair follicles, he will first inject you with a local anesthetic. The anesthetic will help you not feel the harvesting or implantation.


After collecting the hair follicles, your doctor will inject the anesthetic into your beard area. Then the harvested hair follicles will then be injected into your facial area. The shape of your beard will depend on the agreement between you and the doctor. Before you go for the surgery, make sure to speak to your doctor about what shape you want your beard to take.

The Recovery

The recovery time for this process is short. Make sure you take a day off from work for the surgery. Your hair may start falling after a few weeks; this is normal. The falling gives space for the newly transplanted hair to grow. Also, make sure not to shave your hair for at least two weeks after the surgery.

The Cost for Beard Transplant

Facial hair transplants are not cheap. They may cost up to $15000 depending on the grafts needed. Before you decide to undergo the process, make sure you discuss the cost with your doctor. Hair transplant procedures are usually considered cosmetic. The insurance, therefore, does not cover it.

The cost will also depend on the doctor. Some doctors may charge you some consultation fees. During the consultation, the surgeon will examine your scalp to see whether you are the right candidate.

The Consequences of Beard Transplant

Facial hair transplant is usually done successfully. But since it involves surgery, some side effects may occur. The outcome may not be as you thought it would be. The following are some of the consequences of a beard transplant.

The Root Structure

The harvested hair follicles are of a different quality from the beard area. The surgeon has to be careful while transplanting the hair so that the quality may be acceptable.

Hair Thickness

The hair from the scalp is different from the beard hair. This means that the thickness is also different. These thick hairs are more vulnerable to breakage and split.

Growth Level

The transplanted hair may grow faster than the existing hair. This growth will affect your facial appearance and leave you uncomfortable with your looks.

Some other common side effects of beard transplant are;

· Some itching and irritation
· You may experience some swelling around your beard area.
· Your face and scalp may feel sore.
· After the surgery, your face and scalp may feel tight.
· You may also feel some numbness.

These side effects are not significant and should go away in a few days. If they persist, make sure to call your doctor.


Facial hair transplant is an essential process for those people who are losing their facial hair. The surgery helps to restore your facial appearance and feel more confident. Since it is necessary, make sure you go for the best surgeons—research on the best clinic and doctor for a good outcome. Not only the best clinics, but you must also consider the basic instructions before going for the surgery. There are some DO’s and DON’Ts that are necessary to follow prior to the surgery. After the surgery, the doctor will give some instructions. Make sure to follow them for a quick recovery.

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