June 18, 2024

How Proper PTE Study Plan Can Helpful?

Being successful in the PTE exam is not different from any other comprehensive test which requires dedication and hard work. So get a clear goal of the score you want to obtain and prepare a clear PTE study plan to reach your goal.

Students taking the exam for the first time can also achieve the desired score if the PTE study plan is properly formulated. For people who have failed before, use it as a learning experience to help you avoid similar mistakes.

If you want to get a good score in the PTE exam, then it is very important that you have a proper PTE study plan in hand and you can get it by joining a proper online training academy.

Prepare a study timetable:

The PTE study timetable is essentially a reflection of your dedication to the study time. It lets you remain responsible when you’re not in the mood to read. The test format of the PTE exam should be defined on the timetable and you should apply equal time to all the subjects of study.
It is vital for you to give enough time to learn each part despite your weakness and strength. Never ignore or leave any section even if you are confident; you need is to prepare to cover every section.
You should also include tasks that contribute towards studying like watching YouTube videos on PTE, listening to podcasts in English, taking online mock tests, researching essay writing techniques and templates. You must include all the information required to get your desired score in the PTE exam.
Strictly follow the PTE study schedule. It can improve your chances of success in the exam drastically.

Preparation for the speaking section:

Of the four sections, the toughest section for beginners can be the speaking section.
To improve in the speaking section, practice reading long paragraphs, then record your voice on your phone when reading. It should be fluent, clear, and understandable. If you have Google Assistant or Siri, record your voice there and analyze the recording.
The thing the exam tests is your oral fluency and correct pronunciation. It tests your ability to speak for a purpose and to pass on information in a manner that the content that has been shared on screen or in your headphones is spoken by you aloud.
Practice speaking English everywhere be it at your home, school, or office.

Preparation for writing section:

Practice writing essays by developing a framework and focus on improving your grammar and writing etiquette. Summary writing can be improved by reading a lot of texts and simplifying the content to a readable format without losing the meaning.

Preparation for the reading section:

To score high in the PTE exam, you need to score well in the reading section. It needs concentration and a basic understanding of grammar. To improve the reading skill, you should read newspapers and magazines daily. Practice answering multiple-choice questions by using the elimination method.

Preparation for the listening section:

Youtube, podcasts, and webinars are the perfect places for practicing listening skills. Make notes while doing any of the listening tasks. You need to listen with full concentration and endurance.

Implement feedback

Practice daily from the feedback you received from the coaches on each task type. Taking feedback and improving on what you are missing should be part of your daily routine.
You must practice test exercises and review sample responses so you know what’s being tested and what makes a good response. Participate in a timed experiment and pretend you are doing a real exam. It will empower you with the skills you’ll need for Test Day.
The score you get in the mock exam will help you devise a different strategy if needed to improve your performance.PTE exam costs money and through this way you will be saving a lot of money.


The highest grades are given to students who are persistent, and well-prepared. Through familiarity gained by preparing well and doing the test repeatedly, you will be able to respond effectively on test day. Please keep in mind that you are preparing for a test. There will undoubtedly be challenges and surprises when taking this test, so be ready to face them with an open mind.


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