June 17, 2024
Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Should you try Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Proteins are one of the essential nutrients for the human body. Proteins are made up of amino acids linked together and are basic building blocks of cells and tissues in the human body. Proteins are already present in the human body but proteins present in our body are continually being repaired. And this repairing process requires a continuous external supply of proteins in the form of food you eat, protein-rich food items, or protein shakes.

As proteins are basic building blocks, a sufficient amount of protein must be supplied to your body especially during the growth period, and especially during childhood or adolescence. No doubt, proteins are essential for the body, and these days the so-called health industry is on fire to convince you that you must take external protein.

You might have come across different brands promoting their products. But, are they reliable? Are they beneficial? Does your body demand external proteins? Is it the only way to provide proteins to your body? Does protein help you to gain weight or lose weight, and if it does how it should be taken? And many more doubts might be aching your head.

But not now. Just as Hand Sanitizers protected you from the deadly COVID-19, similarly this article will save you from false claims related to proteins. This article is all about proteins. After reading this insightful article you will be able to decide what your body needs. Let’s start exploring facts that no one told you before.

What protein does with your body?

Protein is present in each and every part of the body. From nails to hairs and bones to skin, proteins are mostly used by our body to shape tissues and organs. Protein is a natural messenger of every tissue and organ inside your body. Proteins are the source of energy and act as a fuel of the body. Proteins are a great metabolizer. Mostly, protein satisfies your appetite and can help you to reduce body fat or it can help you to gain weight.

Sources of Protein:

Many natural sources of protein are available in nature. These nutrients supply proteins along with the other nutritional elements.

  1. Meat and chicken
  2. Fishes
  3. Dairy products – Milk, yogurt, cheese
  4. Various beans and nuts

So, the question here you might need to ask is when natural sources are available then why should I buy that costly protein powders to drink protein shakes? Should I try protein shakes for weight loss instead of having the above-listed sources?

Protein Food v/s Protein Shakes

Proteins taken through food items are rich but it takes a longer time to break down protein and then provides it to muscles. On the other hand, protein shakes are fast processors. According to diet experts, protein shakes start working just after 30 minutes of consumption. Protein shakes are purely made up of nine amino acids. The absence of any other nutrients makes it work instantly on your body.

Should you try protein shakes for weight loss?

Proteins are useful for muscle recovery and muscle building. Protein shakes are a great appetizer. It satisfies your hunger. Protein shakes contain pure proteins only! No carbs, no vitamins, nothing! So, when you drink a protein shake, your body’s need for protein is satisfied, but what about the need for other nutrients? Your body still needs other elements to survive, so in the meantime, the body uses excess stored fat within your body to survive.

The body burns this excess fat stored inside your body and this way proteins help you to lose weight fastly and efficiently in less time. Note that all the above processes are more efficient when you work out. You can go for a run, you can do squats, you can do rope skipping, you can try push-ups, anything of your choice but body moves are extremely important for weight loss.

After a workout, your muscles get stretched, and now your muscles are hungry for proteins and their recovery, and to bring them back to their original position proteins are extremely important. The best time to drink a protein shake is post-workout, it will benefit more for weight loss.

Without workout protein shakes are of no use, it will cause more weight gain and then you will curse protein shakes for that, so remember consistent exercise with a healthy diet and one glass of protein shake post-workout is the key for weight loss.

Takeaway points

Protein shakes are very trending nowadays. It is consistently being hammered on our minds that protein shakes are the only solution for every problem related to our body. No doubt, they are a great source, but just taking it because of the trend is not at all beneficial. Excess proteins without workout and proper guidance can be a threat to the body, it may have adverse effects. First, you must know your body type and your body needs then consult a reliable dietician or nutritionist. Be conscious while choosing protein powders, know the ingredients present in protein powder and then buy it. Don’t take any risk with your body.

Be Healthy! Be Happy!

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